How to find and defeat the pharaoh in The Haunting Warzone & DMZ


    In Call of Duty: Warzone and DMZ’s The Haunting event, The Pharoah is one of the most powerful monsters you can fight during Operation Nightmare on the Al Mazrah map in night mode. Here is a guide on how to place the skulls in the sarcophagus to wake up the pharaoh.

    Where to find the pharaoh in Warzone and DMZ

    To complete The Pharoah Haunting challenge, you must visit the Oasis POI in the northwest corner of Al Mazrah (see map). Enter the ruins and navigate the tunnels to reach the Pharaoh’s chamber (second image), which will be marked on your screen with a hooded face icon.

    How to secure skulls in Warzone and DMZ

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    To awaken the monster, you must collect the Cursed Skulls dropped by AI enemies with glowing yellow eyes. These soldiers keep appearing out of the ground endlessly and can drop a random glowing red skull when you kill them.

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    How to wake up and defeat the Pharaoh in Warzone and DMZ

    Take the Cursed Skulls to the Pharaoh’s Sarcophagus and place them in the slots present on the two sides as shown in the image above. You will have to get and deliver 10 skulls to wake up the Pharaoh from the stone coffin. The monster has a lot of HP and is a bullet sponge, so you will have to spend several bullets and explosives to defeat it. I highly recommend that you back away and keep some distance, otherwise the Pharaoh will perform a finishing move to knock you down instantly.

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