How to get the limited edition Alan Wake 2 thermos


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    Alan Wake 2 continues the terrifying adventure of Mr. Wake and his battle between realities, and while I’m excited to play the experience, I also like to make sure I get the most out of it by checking out the deluxe edition and pre-order rewards. Not only can you get some extra digital goodies by upgrading your game edition, but you can also find some really cool merchandise outside of the game, like this limited edition Oh Deer Diner thermos. Here’s how you can get one!

    How to get the Alan Wake 2 Oh Deer Diner thermos

    The Oh Deer Diner Thermos was announced in July 2023 as a collaboration with Airam, a Finnish lighting company. This thermos is not only a nod to the previous game, where players earn an achievement for finding 100 hidden thermoses, but a preview of what’s to come in the next game, where the thermos could appear again as a more significant item.

    The Thermos was scheduled to launch in September 2023, a month before launch, but was later announced simply as “fall 2023.” While fans were given the October 1 date as an expectation, we have yet to see it appear in store. At this point, we probably won’t see this fantastic souvenir until around the same time as the game’s release. October 27th. You can follow the Alan Wake 2 Official Twitter to stay more up to date on exact release times and news.

    This item will be a limited time product, meaning you will only have a short period of time to order it before it runs out. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be restocked again in the future, so if you don’t get the chance this time, you can wait for another chance.

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    You can buy an Oh Deer Diner thermos at the Remedy Play Store when available and below are the prices you can expect for this product.

    • euros: €25
    • American dollar: $26
    • GBP: €21
    • SCOUNDREL: $36

    This is a pretty sweet and retro-looking design that features a high-quality glass exterior and a vacuum seal that keeps your drinks hot for a long time. Not only does it look like a reliable product, but it’s also a nice souvenir for Alan Wake fans and it’s really not too expensive. If you are looking for a clever souvenir, this may be the perfect item for you.

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