Cities Skylines II Modding Tools Will Be More Powerful Than Ever


    Image via Paradox Interactive

    Paradox Interactive continues to present exciting news for Cities: Skylines II players. After confirmation of the mods for the game, they returned to entice fans with the promise of a full editor. Although it may not be completely ready at launch…

    Image via Paradox Interactive

    On Steam, Paradox Interactive aware an update to their Behind the Scenes series, which has a self-explanatory title. The series of announcements aims to give readers and fans a deeper look at what the developers are working on for Cities: Skylines 2. This one focused on the Editor tool for the next installment. An editor will be implemented (as opposed to several in the first game) to allow both modders and players to modify the details of the game to their liking. Through this tool you can create new maps, change buildings, lay the foundation for modifications and much more.

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    While the tools won’t be available when the game launches, they will be added shortly after. No exact date has been announced, but Paradox Interactive confirmed a roadmap for the Editor tool in Cities: Skylines II. Once the first update arrives for the Editor, players will be able to create custom maps, create their own assets, edit existing assets, and modify some code.

    It will be confirmed that a further Editor update will occur after the initial establishment of the Editor tool. The second update will support more asset editing. Additional development will continue beyond those updates with some discussions about options such as custom character creation, but Paradox Interactive has not provided further details.

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