How to buy shell insurance in Another Crab’s Treasure


    You’ll get shells broken all the time in Another Crab’s Treasure, so it’s a good idea to secure them for when you respawn. Here’s how to buy shell insurance in Another Crab’s Treasure.

    What does shell insurance do in Another Crab’s Treasure?

    Shell Insurance ensures that you can respawn with a specific shell after death. When you’re in Moon Snail Shell, go to the Shell Collection button and you’ll be able to set exactly which shell you want to come back to life with. You can only choose the shells you have secured, so be sure to choose your favorites.

    Without any insurance, you’ll have to go find a shell to live in. Since your shell essentially acts as your shield and extra health, it’s worth taking out shell insurance for the best one.

    Where to get shell insurance in Another Crab’s Treasure

    The place to get shell insurance in Another Crab’s Treasure is Seafood wishesa store in new carcinia in the upper crust. She interacts with the Shellfish Greeter who is standing in front of the door and suffers when he calls you broke. Once this is done, he will offer you window shopping in the store.

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    You also can buy new shells either get shell insurance for any shells you have found so far in the game. If you want to get insurance for a different shell you find later, you can use the Shelleportation Umami skill to return to New Carcinia and the shop.

    As mentioned, all the shells you have found so far in the world can be purchased. for microplastics in the shop. Some are cheaper, such as the soda can, which is often found, while the can, for example, is much more expensive. If you have trash to sell, you can go to sell them to Prawnathan and get some extra microplastics.

    Once you have a shell secured, you can head to the nearest center. moon snail shell and select that shell to start every time reappear. This is very useful, since your shell was probably severely damaged or even destroyed when you fought with other underwater inhabitants.

    As mentioned above, you can also buy new shells in the store. If one catches your eye, you can come back when you have microplastics and grab them as well, then secure them so you can set them up as a respawn shell.

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