All Lorestone (Lorestangir) locations in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II (Tales of Midgard achievement)


    If you played the first game, then the Lorestones (or Lorestangir) will look familiar to you. Check out all the Lorestone locations in Senua’s Saga Hellblade II and unlock the Tales of Midgard achievement.

    All collectible Lorestangir locations in Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II

    Once you obtain all of the Lorestangir collectibles in Senua’s Saga, you will unlock an Extras option to hear the stories of Lorestangir and Druth as the narrator. Here are all the Lorestangir collectible locations in Hellblade II so you can unlock all of these rewards.

    Chapter 1 Reykjanesta


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    There is only one Lorestone in the first chapter, and it is essentially used to teach you the mechanics of this collectible. It is located in the Landing section. You will find it on the path towards the coasts on the right. You can not lose this.

    Chapter 2 Freyslaug

    The Freyslaug chapter has four stones of knowledge that you can find throughout several sections.

    Freyslaug sighted

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    As you walk with the Slaver past the cabins, you’ll notice a Lorestone in the distance. Go to the patio and behind the cabins to collect the second Lorestangir of the game.

    Back home

    Once you’re back in Freyslaug, go through the big house just on the other side of the bridge. When you exit, go immediately left and enter the courtyard. You’ll find a crawl space under a pile of branches. Go below and the lodestone will be within your reach. good.

    Draugar Ceremony

    Once you see the man in the middle, approach the ceremony. Stay on the path until you reach a squeeze space between a wooden structure. Look around you and you will find a stair. Go up and follow the path to reach Lorestone.

    meeting the stranger

    When you see a stick with black fabric tied around and held up by a pile of rocks, upside down left path first. You’ll find the last Lorestone from chapter two at the end.

    Chapter 3 Raudholar

    Chapter three of the Senua saga has a total of six stones of knowledge what you need to collect. This is the most you’ll find in one chapter, so keep your eyes peeled.

    red hills

    When you reach the section with the crack in the ground, go left following it. Continue along this path until you reach a clearing. To the right you will find the Lorestangir.

    On the hill

    The historic cornerstone of this section is right at the top of the hill. Go through the hole you came up through and go up until you hear two voices speaking about you. The Lorestone is right next to the house.

    After completing the first Hiddenfolk task, continue along the path. Once you see a stone step with white paint on your left, go up. Go through the crack in the stone and you will find the Stone of Knowledge. On the right.

    After completing the second Hiddenfolk task, continue. by the way. You will find a hidden face. Across the path to the left, you’ll also see a Lorestone on top of a hill. Keep passing the puddle until you find a path to the left which leads to Lorestone. Just squeeze between the stones and you’ll get there.

    On the same path, you will find an access space under a small stone arch to the right. Crouch and follow the path down until you find Lorestone.

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    While looking for the third offer for the third task of hidden peopleyou will find the Lorestone upside down in the roof. Don’t miss it, since it is the last of the chapter.

    Chapter 4 Huldufolk

    There are a total of three stones of knowledge in the Huldufolk chapter Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2.

    Enter the caves

    When you fall into a puddle in a new section of the cave, look around. If you see a shield To your right, there is a path behind that wall. Head there and climb until you reach Lorestone.

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    Once you light the first torch, continue through the caves. You will notice the Lorestone in the shelf in front of you. There’s a bridge that connects the two shelves; All you have to do is interact to deploy it and you can pick it up.

    act of sacrifice

    once you go to the light and in the next section, continue along the path. You’ll find a crawl space on the left with a blue light shining in the distance. Don’t go down that road yet! Instead, head On the right first, where you will find a path to the last Lorestone of the chapter.

    Chapter 5 Bardarvik


    When you reach a small waterfall, you will see a Lorestone above it. Keep going down the path until you can make your way through. On the right. You’ll find a Lorestone at the end.


    once you arrive a clear As you follow Astridr, you can see a wisdom stone in the distance. You have to listen for him path to the right and crawl through a hole in the stone to reach it.

    Another question

    This Lorestone is located in the area where you are solving the rune gate puzzle on the beach. Once you get the second rune patternyou will open another section of the coast. There’s a bright road that breaks the platform in front of you. When you approach it, you will find a small space and a secret path to Lorestone.

    When you’re back in the settlementhead down main road towards Astridr’s house. However, instead of going up the wooden path on the right, go On the left. You will find the Lorestone in the yard from one of the houses.

    There are no Lorestones or hidden faces in the last chapter, so you won’t have to worry about collecting anymore. If you have found all the Lorestones, you can go and enjoy the stories in the Extras menu.

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