How to Farm Fragment of a Golden Melody in Genshin Impact – Legatus Golem Location


    Fragment of a Golden Melody is a Genshin Impact character Ascension material used by Arlecchino and possibly other characters in the future. It is dropped by the Legatus Golem, an ancient statue that resides deep within the Faded Castle of Petrichor.

    Here you will find everything you need to know about how to access the Legatus Golem’s lair and some tips on how to defeat it efficiently.

    Where to find the Legatus Golem in Genshin Impact

    The Legatus Golem is located in the Faded Castle, an area that will not appear on your World Map until you complete the World Mission called Songs of harmony – The shadow over Petrichor. The questline starts automatically when you enter Petrichor and will consist of several parts, but you only need to complete The Shadow Over Petrichor to be able to freely explore the Faded Castle.

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    Head to the leftmost Teleport Waypoint in Faded Castle and continue straight until the path forks, as shown in the image above. Go down the stairs to enter the Exhibition Hall on the lowest floor of the castle.

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    From there, follow the straight path and then glide into the clearing with a locked chest and a teleport waypoint. Enter the door where the arrow is pointing in the screenshot above to immediately enter the Legatus Golem’s lair. Don’t forget to unlock the Teleport Waypoint to make it easier to get to the area in the future.

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    How to farm Fragment of a Golden Melody in Genshin Impact

    The Legatus Golem is a Geo boss with a powerful shield, but its battle mechanics aren’t particularly effective. You won’t have to check the Elemental Resonance of the day like the Wicked Baptist or choose a specific form to fight like the “Icewind Suite”, but you will I need a Geo shield breaker on the team.. I highly recommend a character who can deal constant Geo DMG, such as Ningguang, Navia, or Arataki Itto. I found Zhongli’s shield-breaking abilities to be insufficient due to his normal, mostly physical, attacks.

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    The Legatus Golem starts out as a statue, but will immediately move once it notices your presence. Your goal should be to get rid of his geoshield so you can trigger other elemental reactions later. When the shield breaks, it will not stay that way for the rest of the battle; The boss will continue to place new shields until he is defeated.

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    If you find it a little difficult to break the shield, be careful with Resonators, which look like small towers with their own HP bars. Destroying them will significantly deplete the Legatus Golem’s shield and render it immobile for a time, giving you an opportunity to bombard it with attacks.

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