Genshin Impact Arlecchino Farming Guide – All Talent and Ascension Materials


    Arlecchino, also known as The Knave, is the fourth member of Genshin Impact’s elusive Fatui Harbingers cast. The orphans at the Home House know her as Her Father and she has shown deep concern for Fontaine’s future.

    If you managed to support Arlecchino or are excited to have her on your team, here is everything you need to farm her and prepare her for battle.

    Genshin Impact Arlecchino leveling, talent and ascension materials

    Arlecchino Level Up Cost

    Prepare the following resources to level Arlecchino up to 80 or 90. I recommend taking characters who scale Elemental Mastery to level 90 and taking your time to level up other characters slowly.

    Level The hero’s ingenuity Blackberry
    Level one to 80 248 987,905
    Level one to 90 420 1,672,530

    Materials and cost of Arlecchino Ascension

    You will need to collect 420,000 blackberries and the following materials to fully Ascend Arlecchino to Ascension level six.

    Local specialized and boss material

    x168 Rainbow Pink x46 Fragment of a golden melody

    Arlecchino’s local specialty is supposedly the rainbow rose, which can be grown mainly in the Court of Fontaine, Elynas and Errinyes regions. Meanwhile, his boss material is the Shard of a Golden Melody, which can be farmed at the Legatus Golem in Petrichor’s Vanishing Castle.


    x1 Agnidus Agate Sliver
    x9 Agnido Agate Fragment
    x9 Agnido Agate Piece
    x6 Agnido Agate Gemstone

    Agnidus Agate materials are dropped by all Pyro Normal and World Bosses, including Pyro Hypostasis, Pyro Regisvine, and La Signora. Additionally, you can convert materials using the crafting table to convert any of your existing gemstones into Pyro.

    Common materials

    x18 Recruit Badge x30 Sergeant Badge x36 Lieutenant Badge

    Arlecchino’s common Ascension materials are the Badges dropped by Fatui Skirmishers throughout Teyvat.

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    Materials and cost to level up Arlecchino talent

    you must prepare 1,652,500 Moras and the following materials to level up Arlecchino’s three talents to level 10. You will spend less if you have no intention of getting the triple crown.

    Talent materials

    x9 Teachings of Order

    x63 guide for Order

    x114 Philosophies of Order

    Arlecchino talent materials can be farmed in the Pale Forgotten Glory domain northeast of Poisson, located in the eastern part of Fontaine. Pay a visit at Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays to receive the correct materials.

    Common materials

    x6 Recruit Badge
    x22 Sergeant insignia

    x31 lieutenant insignia

    The common Ascension and Talent materials are always the same but in different quantities. Get rid of Fatui skirmishers around your world to farm badges or buy some at Paimon’s Bargains.

    Weekly Boss Material and Knowledge Crown

    x3 Crown of Insight x18 Fading Candle

    You can earn Crowns of Insight by participating in major events in each Genshin Impact version update. Meanwhile, Arlecchino’s Weekly Boss material is called Fading Candle, which The Knave drops in the scattered ruins. The area is unlocked after completing the Arlecchino story mission.

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