How to break the chains that bind Scylla in Genshin Impact – The Last Day of Remuria


    The Last Day of Remuria is a Genshin Impact world quest in the Songs of Harmony: Second Movement – Shackled Prisoner series, which takes place in a hidden underwater region within Petrichor. One of the main objectives of the mission is to break the chains that bind Scylla, who has been subdued in the Sea of ​​Ages Past.

    Break the chains that bind Scylla in Genshin Impact: the solution to the puzzle of the last day of Remuria

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    There are three “chains” linking the whale-like dragon, Scylla, but the chains look more like glowing lines directing you to three areas within the Sea of ​​Ages Past. Your goal is to follow the chains to each area and solve three puzzles to complete the objective. While they can be completed in any order, I recommend following the order below to avoid potential errors.

    Chain #1 (battle)

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    Before starting, I suggest bringing a battle-ready team with a Geo Shield Breaker, since the golems in Petrichor have Geo Shields. Once you’re ready, follow the first chain to the southern part of the Sea of ​​Ages Past, towards the cave located in the area circled above. Inside the cave, you will find three golems. Defeat them to start the dialogue.

    Once the dialog is complete, use the special interaction button to switch to symphonic mode, then Hold down the elemental skill button. in front of the tower (as shown in the image above) to release a sound wave. Doing so will trigger a short cutscene in which Scylla releases the chain. If this doesn’t happen, move closer to the tower and try again. Don’t forget to claim the Exquisite Chest reward that will appear later.

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    Chain #2 (trust dialogue)

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    Follow the Scylla Chain to the northwest section of the Sea of ​​Ages Past, which will take you to a small area of ​​land called Portus Anticus. Approach the guards to start the dialogue. Your objective is to gain the Leader’s trust so that he leaves the area. Respond with the following:

    • Sebastos does not allow harm to innocent people.
    • However, you are not getting the melody.
    • Phobos’ silence means rejection.
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    The guards will quickly leave the area. Once they are gone, a A glowing spot will appear next to the sword on the rock.. Interact with the glowing spot to unearth an exquisite chest with rewards.

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    Also, since the guards are gone, you can now break the chain binding Scylla. Climb the nearby cliff and approach the tower shown above. As before, use the special interaction button to switch to symphonic mode, then press and hold the elemental ability button to release the chain. A cutscene will trigger to indicate completion.

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    Chain #3 (symphonic puzzle)

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    Follow the final chain to Hortus Euergetis, located east of the Sea of ​​Ages Past. You’ll find a small clearing with washer octopuses surrounding bright flowers. Each octopus is surrounded by a barrier that can resonate with the flower-shaped anemone. Your goal is to wait for each octopus’s barrier to encapsulate all the flowers around it and then use the sound wave to lock it in place.

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    There are four octopuses in the area, so approach them one by one in any order. Let the octopus float freely until its barrier encapsulates all the nearby flowers, as shown above. As soon as this happens, switch to symphonic mode and use the elemental skill button to release a shockwave that lock the octopus in place. It should stop moving at this point.

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    The task is only successful if the symbol on top of the Octopus changes from a musical note to a quarter note rest. If it doesn’t change, the Octopus will continue moving. Don’t worry, you can keep trying until it works; shortening the distance helps.

    Do the same with the four octopuses so that they resonate with all the anemones/flowers. Doing so will trigger a quick cutscene allowing you to continue breaking the chain.

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    Approach the top of the tower, switch to symphonic mode and hold to release a shockwave. This time, a dream sequence will activate. When it’s over, hold down to release another shockwave and trigger a cutscene where Scylla is finally freed. Don’t forget to claim your Precious Chest reward.

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