How to complete My Mailman Was A Zombie in Dead Island 2


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    There are several quests to discover and complete in Dead Island 2, including main quests, side quests, and Lost & Found. One such mission is My Mailman Was A Zombie, where you have to read newspapers to locate specific places without the help of markers or waypoints. This may leave you wondering how to complete My Mailman Was A Zombie.

    My Mailman Was A Zombie Walkthrough – Dead Island 2 Lost & Found Quest

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    The My Mailman Was A Zombie Lost & Found quest is in the location marked above next to the Fastdel Truck. You need to visit three locations, and at two of these locations, you need to interact with a package for Wayne to appear at the third location. You can visit any of the three places. The order doesn’t matter, as Wayne will only spawn as a zombie at the third, unmarked location.

    All My Mailman Was A Zombie Package Locations in Dead Island 2

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    This is where to find all of Wayne’s packages in Dead Island 2 for the My Mailman Was A Zombie Lost & Found quest and get the Mailman’s keys to open the mailbox. You should locate packages that look like the images above.

    First Location – The Goat Pen – Bel-Air

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    To make this Lost & Found search in an order that makes the most sense, the first location we checked was in Goat Pen, which is south of the Fastdel truck where the search began. Wayne’s packages can be found at the front door of The Goat Pen. Interact with the nearby packages to mark this location and head towards the location of the second package.

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    Second Location – Colt Swanson’s House – Bel-Air – Dead Island 2

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    For the second package location, head to Colt Swanson’s house, the house you wake up in at the start of the game. Skip Emma’s door leading to Access Rd 782 and go straight to the open door in front of you. Go up the stairs, then turn right, skirting the outside of the house through a new door. Follow the path and then take a set of stairs on your right; to your left is the garage. The packages can be found next to the garage. Interact with them, then move to the next location.

    Third Location – Home of Mr. and Mrs. Doe – Bel-Air

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    The last location, which will spawn Wayne the Mailman, is near Mr. and Mrs. Doe’s house. It can be found near Curtis’s house in Glitterati Corner. From the second location, go back to the door you entered from Emma’s and instead of going left towards Emma’s, go past the pool and head towards the tennis court as if you were heading to the exit from the Halperin hotel zone.

    When you see the Star Haul van, continue down that path to the Truck with red exploding barrels. Wayne should spawn near that location. There is no need to check the third package. Kill Wayne to get the keys from the postman.

    Quest Reward My Postman Was a Zombie Lost & Found

    After defeating Wayne, collect the keys to his mailbox. Go back to the mail truck where he started the search. Use the keys to open the chest and claim a rifle called Raven.

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