How to get lucky pants in Destiny 2 (and what they do)


    Lucky Pants are a set of Exotic pants for hunters in Destiny 2, and despite having been around for years at this point, they’re still a viable piece of gear. Here’s how you can get your hands on them and some of the best builds to use.

    How to get lucky pants in Destiny 2

    Like many Exotics in Destiny 2, Lucky Pants can be obtained in a number of ways. One of those ways would be to wait for it to appear in Xur’s shop, but that can result in a long wait. Another way would be to farm exotic engrams and hope that Lucky Pants will drop from one of them.

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    There is also a chance that the exotic will appear as a prize from PvE or PvP events, but there is no guarantee either. It all comes down to a bit of luck, as is the case with many of the sought after pieces of gear in Destiny 2. Once you get your hands on the Exotic, there are a variety of builds that will work great with it.

    The best builds for Lucky Pants in Destiny 2

    The Lucky Pants are an interesting Exotic, as they provide a huge buff to Hand Cannon damage, and you’ll gain increased accuracy on top of that fact. Here’s a look at the Lucky Pants perk.

    • illegally modified sleeve: Hand Cannons gear up faster and gain increased accuracy and bonus damage.

    There are plenty of good hand cannons in Destiny 2 that can take advantage of this unique advantage, and any hunter will have a lot of fun with this type of build. You’ll want to make sure Hand Cannon matches your subclass for this to work. Some good hand cannons that work well with lucky pants are The last word and crimson as they can get loads of extra damage quickly. Precision kills with Crimson Hand Cannon reload it, so the damage buff can last for quite a while. Paired with the 3 shot burst, it’s a very deadly combo.

    The Last Word is an automatic Hand Cannon, so it’s easy to see how the damage boost can quickly stack up there as well. It’s hard to go wrong using this with Lucky Pants, even though The Last Word is such an old Exotic at this point in Destiny 2’s lifespan.

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