Ballistics bullets can change Apex unexpectedly



    Image via Respawn Entertainment

    Apex Legends Season 17 is right around the corner, and Respawn dropped the Stories from the Outlands trailer featuring a new character. August ‘Ballistic’ Brinkman, a former champion of the Thunderdome games, will be the new Legend in Apex Legends Season 17. The trailer shows Ballistic using a unique ability, and it’s definitely going to shake up the metagame in an unexpected way. This is how Ballistic will change the game in Apex Legends Season 17.

    Ballistic abilities freeze enemy weapons in Apex Legends

    The Stories from the Outlands trailer featuring Ballistic gave us an idea of ​​what this character is capable of, and . August ‘Ballistic’ Brinkman will be classified as an Assault Class Legend, and the trailer shows him using various weapons, including the CAR SMG. One of the highlights of the video shows Ballistic using one of his abilities that prevents Private Silva from firing his weapon.

    Image via Respawn Entertainment

    The trailer shows Ballistic firing a bullet from a pistol that weakens the enemy with red sparks while freezing the weapon. Players expect this ability to be Ballistic’s tactical ability that stops enemies from firing their weapons. Naturally, it can be a game changer in Apex Legends, especially if the duration of this ability is more than five to ten seconds.

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    The fast-paced nature of Apex Legends allows players to rush in and quickly take out opponents in moments, so every second counts in a fight. With a debuff ability like this, Ballistic would be very popular with players and would work brilliantly in a team comp with Revenant, Caustic, Horizon, Gibraltar, and Catalyst.

    While there is no official confirmation on Ballistic’s abilities, data miners have provided several theories that will give players a general idea about this character’s abilities. It was also leaked that the Smart Pistol MK6 would be coming in Season 17, and it will be interesting to see how this weapon performs in the hands of Ballistic, who is considered a weapons expert.

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