How to complete Ghosts Of The Past Side Quest in The Witcher 3


    the witcher 3 it features several complex characters that offer a lot in the story and in your overall experience. One of them is letho, whom Geralt can meet again in one of The Witcher 3’s side quests. Letho was one of the main characters in the second game, and in this side quest you will learn more about the former antagonist’s personal conflict. Here’s how to complete the Ghosts of the Past side quest in The Witcher 3.

    How to start the Ghosts of the Past side quest in The Witcher 3

    Unlike the normal quests that follow the main story, you cannot activate this side quest through one of the notes you see on a bulletin board or simply by talking to a character in the game. To start Ghosts of the Past, you need to travel to it. Head to Reardon Manor, which is on the north side of Downwarren in Velen. When you get there, enter the largest building while successfully avoiding the traps. The search is activated when you go. inside the barn.

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    How to meet Letho in The Witcher 3

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    You can use your Witcher Sense to find a ladder that’s on the floor of the barn. Examine the item to pick it up. This triggers the scene where Geralt meets Letho. As the two Witchers talk, a group of scouts arrive outside.

    Letho asks you to help him take them down. Regardless of your answer, you end up fighting them. They aren’t up to par with the powerful monsters you’re usually up against in the game, so this part is pretty easy.

    Should you shorten the mission or help Letho?

    After the quick fight, Letho tells you that he intends to talk to his old friend Louis. The game gives you two options. You can answer, i love to see that, who will ask you to go to Letho and continue the quest to its full end. You can also choose to say Good luck instead, which shortens the search and you’ll never see it again. Unless this is your first game and for some reason you are rushing to the end of the main story, we recommend that you choose the first option and complete this mission to the end.

    Should you free Letho or unwittingly thwart his plan?

    If you decide to complete this quest, you will fast travel with Letho on horseback to visit Louis. The great sorcerer also has many interesting things to tell you during this fast journey. During the meeting with Louis, his answers don’t have much impact. At the end, there is a fight against a group of rather weak bandits that you can easily finish. In the end, a wounded Louis reveals the location of the man with a pin in Letho’s head. After this encounter, you set out for Lindevale with Letho.

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    Once you reach Lindevale with Letho, a cutscene plays. He instructs you to stay out of the confrontation he’s about to have, which is a subtle warning that intervening in the events that are about to unfold thwarts his plan that you don’t yet know about. Letho fights the bounty hunters and falls, prompting you to run towards them, giving you two options. You can choose you’re good as dead as an answer where you fight and kill the bounty hunters. You can easily pull this off, but doing so thwarts his plan to fake his own death.

    We suggest you opt for I don’t want problems in response, following Letho’s orders. Tell them to take Letho’s medallion instead of his head. Whichever answer you choose, Geralt discovers that Letho is alive and takes him inside.

    Letho wakes up and reveals that he planned to fake his own death in order to free himself from these bounty hunters. So if you step in and kill his attackers, his plan fails. But if you follow his orders not to intervene, he finally frees Letho. Regardless of the outcome, Letho plans to go elsewhere. If he needs help from him later, he can invite you to Kaer Morhen. The end of this last conversation with the old warlock completes the Ghosts of the Past quest.

    Whether you’re trying to complete the side quests in The Witcher 3 in your first playthrough or your next, they’re definitely not something you want to miss out on. Whether you’re new to the game or a returning player, we’ve got you covered with some helpful The Witcher 3 tips to help you get started or refresh your memory.

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