How to get the hidden Hard Landing achievement in Genshin Impact


    Hard Landing is a Genshin Impact Wonders of the World achievement that can be obtained by taking down a creeping Bathysmal Vishap. This refers to the Bathysmal Vishap Herd, the material chief of Ascension located in Enkanomiya. You need to bring a Claymore user or Geo Damage dealer into battle to make this achievement much easier to get.

    How to take down a creeping Bathysmal Vishap in Genshin Impact

    Start by heading to Dainichi Mikoshi where you will find a hole in the ground that will lead you to the Bathysmal Vishap Herd’s cave. While he is considered a single boss, there are two Vishaps that attack him separately. When one is keeping you busy on the ground, the other will occasionally scale a wall and launch a long-range attack that can drain your HP if you don’t have a shield.

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    The wall appears to be part of the background, but it is actually a breakable object. Attack the wall using a Claymore or Geo Damage to break the Vishap’s balance, forcing it to fall to the ground. If he does, he will automatically get the Hidden Achievement called Hard Landing. The Vishap will be vulnerable for a few seconds after landing, allowing it to quickly spam attacks to drain its HP.

    If you missed the first wall, you don’t have to restart the battle as there are a few more walls in the area. As long as you don’t kill the boss too quickly, he will eventually scale another wall and you can try the Achievement again.

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