How to open Duck Vault in the Roblox Classic event


    The Roblox Classic event is ending and the only thing left is to open the vault inside the Giant Duck. Like most secret event missions, you must find the key code by solving a simple in-game puzzle. Here is a short guide on how to get the keycode and open Duck Vault in the game.

    How to Find the Keycode for Duck Vault in Roblox Classic

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    By now you will have discovered a secret vault beneath the giant duck in the center of the Classic map. The sad thing is that a key code protects it and you have to find the password to access it. So how do you find the Duck Vault keycode? Well, it’s simple. If you look at the keyboard area, you’ll find four colored wires running from the top of the panel: red, blue, yellow, and green. Now, you must discover numbers with these colors on the big map and arrange them to form the critical code. Since it is a daunting task, I have mentioned all the locations below.

    • Red number location – Go to the portal area on the north side of the map and check the pillar near the portal to find the Red Number.
    • Blue number location – Go to the white planet on the west side of the map and jump into the small hole. Here you will find the Blue Number painted on the building.
    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Yellow number location – Check the back of the Duck, which is lying face down.
    • Green number location – Go to the Volcano on the south side of the map and jump inside the Volcano to access the secret room. Here you will find the green number on the left wall.

    Once you have all the color numbers, organize them in the order of RBYG. In the example above, my keycode was 0515. Enter your vault pin to find a secret sword. Pull the sword to start a boss fight against the 1x1x1x1 boss. He is a simple boss; You can easily defeat him using the rocket launchers and the glitch sword, which can be purchased from the store’s exclusive menu. Then, join him and move in a zig-zag pattern until you take him down.

    Remember, the vault keycode will change each time it is opened. Therefore, communicate with other players to avoid confusion while searching for key codes.

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