How to Collect Target Echoes in Wuthering Waves


    Echo Hunters is an ongoing Wuthering Waves event where you must complete a series of beginner objectives to earn Asterite rewards. One of the objectives requires you to collect five target echoes. This is where you can find them all.

    All Echo Target Locations in Wuthering Waves – Echo Hunters Event Guide

    Below are my suggested locations to find the Target Echoes in the Echo Hunters event, as these areas are easy to get to. However, the objective is only completed when you achieve absorb its echoeswhich does not have a 100% drop rate.

    If the following TDs don’t stop your echoes, I recommend going to the event page and then clicking on an echo you haven’t discovered. Its section will open in the Echo Gallery, where you can click on the Clue button to find more of them on the map. This trick works even if the Undiscovered Echo only appears as a question mark.

    traffic illuminator

    Above, I’ve marked two easy-to-find areas near Resonance Beacon and Resonance Nexus, where you can locate the Traffic Illuminator. The TD looks like a streetlight and is usually alone.

    diamond claw

    Head to the circled area near Sky Ray, south of Jinzhou, to find a group of Diamondclaws. This area is the easiest place to find Diamondclaws, compared to the multi-layered Donglu Research Station. With three TDs, hopefully one will drop an echo for you to absorb.

    Cyan Feathered Heron

    Head to the location marked above to find the Cyan Feathered Heron. To get there, I suggest using the Resonance Beacon on Nostalgia Isle and then following the path to the bridge. You’ll find a TD on the bridge, but it’s not the target Echo. Instead, slide off the bridge to find the cyan feathered heron by the water.


    Chaserazors are usually scattered throughout the Sea of ​​Flames. Head to the area marked above to find a lone Chaserazor near the Resonance Beacon. If it doesn’t drop an Echo, you can start tracking from the same point to get nearby recommendations.

    Hoo Boss

    Hoochiefs can be found primarily in Dim Forest. I marked two easy locations above next to the Forbidden Forest and the Giant Banyan, which can be accessed via the Resonance Beacon between them. There are many TDs that look like the Hoochief in the area, but the one you’re looking for has an HP bar and a shield and is usually found alone.

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