Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 Update Install Size on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation Consoles


    Fortnite’s crossover mayhem continues in Chapter 5, Season 3, with Fallout and Mad Max making their way into the colorful world of Battle Royale. Epic Games has already warned players that this will be a larger than usual update to download. How big? I went ahead and checked all the download sizes for your convenience.

    How big is the Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 update?

    • PlayStation 5: 45 GB
    • PC: 47GB
    • Xbox: 40GB

    The numbers above are courtesy of this server and some leakers at X (formerly known as Twitter) who have been able to verify file sizes on various platforms. For reference, this is almost double the size of previous Fortnite updates such as Chapter 5 Season 1 and Chapter 5 Season 2.

    A larger file size suggests that there will be more changes to the game than usual. Since we already know about the crossover, I’d predict we’ll see a desert or post-apocalyptic biome on the map, some cool monster trucks and other vehicles as hinted at above, and a host of new weapons to fit in with the crossovers.

    We’ll certainly also see a ton of new cosmetics to round out the Battle Pass, but we’ll also celebrate the arrival of Fallout and Mad Max to the world of Fortnite. It has already been confirmed that Fallout Power Armor is part of the Battle Pass and is not exclusive to the Item Shop.

    Fortnite leakers have also revealed that the new season will apparently also have a “swinging” and “GYM” mechanic. Are we talking about Pok√©mon-style gyms? Will there be certain bosses in each GYM that will reward you with a mythical item, similar to Hades and Zeus from Chapter 5 Season 2? We will soon find out.

    Be sure to keep checking back with Pro Gaming Guides as we cover the entirety of Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 3 throughout today.

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