How to solve the Energy Matrix puzzle at the Donglu Research Station in Wuthering Waves


    As you explore the massive world of Wuthering Waves, you’ll find an Energy Matrix puzzle south of the Donglu Research Station. If you’re having trouble solving it, read on for a full walkthrough of the controls and the puzzle solution.

    Wuthering Wave Donglu Research Station Energy Matrix Puzzle Solution

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    The puzzle is located south of the Donglu Research Station. You must solve it by facing the direction illustrated in the image above so that the components on the ground are next to you. The objective is to place all the Components in their corresponding place in the Energy Matrix.

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    Start by opening the Utilities Wheel (hold TAB on PC; press and hold the Utilities icon on mobile), then select the Levitator to place this device on the Utilities button (T for PC).

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    Start by lifting the third component circled above. So, adjust your camera angle and position of your cursor so that the Component shape glows yellow in the Matrix. The yellow section indicates the area where you can place the component based on its shape.

    If you are having trouble getting the puzzle to work on PC, I suggest you point your cursor directly at the Matrix to resolve the issue.

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    After lifting the L-shaped component, turn it four times using the E button to match the shape shown above. Once done, release it in the exact position illustrated above by clicking.

    Next, select the second component circled above. Without turning it, drop it directly onto the top right section of the Matrix, just above the L-shaped segment we dropped earlier.

    Next, pick up the rightmost component and place it in the top left corner of the Matrix, directly to the left of the previous component. Please see the exact position illustrated in the second image above.

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    Finally, pick up the last component and place it on the remaining section at the bottom left of the Matrix. Doing so will complete the puzzle and unlock the standard supply chest behind it.

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