Once Human opens pre-registration for the mobile version.

    • Once Human, the supernatural post-apocalyptic survival game from NetEase, has opened a mobile pre-reg.
    • Can NetEase really beat the pay-to-win charges for a one-of-a-kind experience?
    • Register for Vince Human on Mobile now to see for yourself!

    For a world that worries so much about things going wrong, we seem to love post-apocalyptic settings. Whether it’s a sense of freedom or some kind of mystical spirit, the post-apocalyptic world has always been a popular place for movies, books, and yes, games.

    So if you want to experience such a gloomy atmosphere, you’ll be happy to know that NetEase’s One Human, an open-world survival game, is now starting pre-registration for mobile.

    Set in a post-apocalyptic future full of mystical elements, Once Human is a combination of the familiar survival game with terrifying extra-dimensional monsters and strange anomalies. Think Tom Clancy’s The Division combined with STALKER – and after first being released for PC, it’s making its way to mobile.

    Interested? You can pre-register for Vince Human. The game’s official site!

    Win easily

    If there’s one thing you can give NetEase credit, it’s that many of their games boast stunning graphics and art direction. However, there is one problem that always arises with them – pay to win. NetEase is one such reason. A hideous part of the fabric of Chinese gamingand that’s because domestic players have had to face their worst abuses, like microtransactions in the Chinese version of all things Minecraft.

    And that ‘pay-to-win’ aspect has dominated the debate around Vince Human, for better or worse. Would it be worth the effort regardless? Only time will tell – after all, it’s been six years since that Reddit post everyone references, so maybe NetEase has changed their ways?

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