Best Web Swing Settings in Spider-Man 2


    Spider-Man 2 builds on the previous two titles, introducing additional options to the game to further enhance the gaming experience. I always enjoyed the web in the previous ones because the developers got it right on how good it feels. Now we can further personalize the experience with the new web customization options. Let’s dive right in.

    How to Best Customize Spider-Man 2’s Web Swing Settings

    To customize Spider-Man 2 web swinging settings, you need to follow the steps below:

    • While in the pause menu, select Settings.
    • Choose Game settings of the list.
    • Scroll down until you see a subsection called Swing assists.

    I found these options to be the best for improving my in-game web browsing experience.

    Turn steering assist It varies, but it is best to start with 10 and go down little by little.
    Slow Corner Timescale Off
    Web line bending In
    Fall Damage Off

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    Swing Steering Assistance provides additional assistance to those who have not played any of the previous Spider-Man games. For them, I would recommend keeping the slider at 10 until they are comfortable with the game’s web balancing system. However, when you start going down the scale, you’ll get a more rewarding experience because all your tricks will make you think more about how you swing and land.

    The same rule applies to the fall damage option. If you’re looking for an extra layer of realism and challenge to your game and you feel up to it, turn this option on. That way, every time Spidey falls from a greater height, he will reduce some of your HP, making you be very careful when planning your hits in advance.

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