How to Catch a Kingfish in Dreamlight Valley


    Disney Dreamlight Valley usually keeps things simple, but sometimes there are items or recipes that take a bit of effort to collect or create. While catching a Dazzle Beach Kingfish sounds like it shouldn’t be too difficult, it can be trickier than you expected. Here’s how to catch a Kingfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

    When to Catch a Kingfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Kingfish can only be caught at blue fishing spots in Dazzle Beach. To further complicate matters, they can only be caught at night, around 8:00 pm or later. Since they have a more limited time frame to catch than other fish, we recommend that you take a fishing buddy with you when you try to catch one. That way, you’ll have a chance to collect an extra fish for every one you catch.

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    If you are tempted to change the time on your device to try to generate this fish, please know that we do not recommend it. Altering the time has been known to cause bugs and glitches, such as not being able to harvest plants. There are currently no known fixes available for crashes caused by “time travel”, other than waiting until the actual time you traveled to.

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