Disney Dreamlight Valley Coffee Recipes and Ingredients


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    Just in time for the holidays, there are some new drinks arriving that are sure to wake up everyone’s favorite valley. Here’s how you can get some beans to start your own Disney coffee monopoly.

    How to Get Coffee Beans in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    To make coffee, you will need to find coffee beans. This is a bit of a tricky process on its own, because you need to unlock Stitch. Stitch takes 10 days to get to the city, so plan accordingly. Once Stitch has finally decided to settle in the valley, he will need to get a level four relationship with them. Doing so will trigger a quest that will lead you to plant the first coffee tree in the valley.

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    As soon as you have harvested a few beans, you will be in good condition to make coffee. You can do this anywhere that allows you to prepare food, but we recommend Remy’s Restaurant (especially if you don’t have milk in your inventory yet).

    While there may be more coffee-based recipes aimed at the game, these are all we’ve found so far:

    one star cafe: Just coffee beans, plain and simple.

    Two Star Latte: To make a latte, you will need to combine coffee beans and milk, which can be found in Remy Restaurant.

    three star mocha: Mochas require coffee beans, milk, and cocoa beans found in the sunlit plateau.

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