How to remove fog from the northern forest in Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes


    It is quite annoying to get lost in the fog and walk in circles, finding the same place over and over again. This guide shows you how to clear the fog from the Northern Forest in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes.

    Eiyuden Chronicle Hundred Heroes North Forest Mist Guide

    To remove the fog from the Northern Forest, find a path. to the right of the sanctuary They send you in and follow it until you find another shrine (point 2 on the map below).

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    However, this shrine is different because it glows blue. When you try to activate it, you will see a small cutscene in which Forest Eater appears.

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    How to beat the Forest Devourer in Eiyuden Chronicle

    Forest Eater is a giant spider that guards the Sanctuary in the Northern Forest. You can defeat him quite easily changing combat mode to Auto. However, if you want to do it the hard way, you need to pay attention to a few things.

    First of all, Forest Eater hangs on threads and attacks from above. When pressed, it will unleash a acid attack in a single enemy unit. Attack with the most damaging heroes and heal/protect with the rest, and you’ll defeat Forest Eater in no time.

    Once you defeat Forest Eater, you will be able to activate the shrine and lift the mist over the Northern Forest.

    How to find the Northern Forest Shrine in Eiyuden Chronicles Hundred Heroes

    Your first quest in Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes will take you to the Northern Forest. You need to find the sanctuary in the lower right part of the forest and defeats a giant spider, Forest Eater, before interacting with a shrine to lift the mist.

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    you need to pass Northern Forest to reach northern Runebarrow. However, the forest is under a thick fog, causing our heroes to get lost. If you try to follow the left path, the game will simply bring you back to the sanctuary that you visited previously.

    Use your map and you will see that the northern part of the forest is completely obscured. It’s obvious that these shrines have something to do with the fog!

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