How to become Vasto Lorde in Type Soul


    Becoming Vasto Lorde in Type Soul is a challenging journey, but it is within your reach with the right methods. This guide will show you how to transform yourself into a menacing hole in the server step by step.

    How to get Vasto Lorde in Type Soul

    Before embarking on this journey, it is important to note that you should already be empty and have the desire to become a Vasto Lorde. If you are not already a Hollow, you can become one by dying at the hands of an NPC or a random player on the server after spawning. Once you are hollow, press Ctrl+K to confirm your transformation. After becoming one, follow the given steps one by one.

    Become a Minus

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    Kill 10 to fifteen relics to fill a hidden internal meter bar and transform into Less. Otherwise, killing a single Menos will automatically transform you into one if you’re lucky.

    Transforming into Adjuchas

    Like the Less transformation, consuming other slots or Less will fill a hidden internal meter bar. Once this bar is completed, you will transform into an Adjuchas. At this stage, you will get a mask. Please do not remove the mask in some cases; If so, you will become a Startsr, stopping the process of becoming an Adjuchas.

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    Get 50 mask cracks and become albino.

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    Eliminate other Adjuchas or enemy bosses in the game to obtain Mask cracks. You will win 5 Mask Cracks for defeating Adjuchas (real players) and a Mask Crack for defeating any NPC Boss. Collecting fifty These masks will transform your character into an albino.

    Becoming Vasto Lorde

    After becoming an Albino, there are two paths you can follow to become a Vasto Lorde.

    Route 1: Defeat the Vasto Lorde NPC boss

    This is the pinnacle of your journey and the ultimate test of your skills. After transforming into Albino, you will notice flashing indicators on the screen, guiding you towards the boss fight with Vasto Lorde. It is a very challenging battle, reserved for players who spend between 50 and 100 hours on the game. The thrill of the challenge is intense and the reward, if you succeed, is the coveted title of Vasto Lorde. But be careful, if you lose, all your progress will disappear and you’ll revert to a basic Minus, adding a layer of risk and excitement to the fight.

    Tips and Tricks to Beat the Vasto Lorde NPC Boss
    • Bring two or three friends to battle. It’s incredibly challenging and you need help to complete it as a solo player.
    • One or two of your friends should be healers and provide you with healing during the boss fight, as you will lose a lot of hit points. At the same time, your remaining friends can be wary of random players trying to ruin your game.
    • Use your R+ Zero spam ability during the battle to deal a lot of damage to the boss. It is effective against the boss and can quickly wipe out his HP.
    • Use the various raised stone terrain throughout the battlefield to regain stamina or get some health from your friends instead of staying out in the open. These can also act as cover during battle to evade some of the bosses’ attacks.
    Defeat an albino player in a PvP fight.

    Compared to the first method, this one is safer. You must fight another albino player who has 50 broken masks in a PvP battle. You can easily find these players on populated servers and duel them for the title of Vasto Lorde. After defeating them, you will get another 50 broken masks and your total will become 100becoming a Vasto Lorde in Type Soul.

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