How to become a soldier in BitLife


    One of the most prestigious career paths in BitLife is to become a soldier in one of three forces: the Air Force, Army, or Navy. So, if you want to continue serving your nation, here is a guide dedicated to the entire process.

    How to join the army in BitLife

    So if you are interested in joining the military, you must meet the following criteria.

    High school graduate

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    This is quite simple. Create a life and your parents will automatically enroll you in school when you turn 5. Study well during your school years using the Study harder option every year since high school to keep your Intelligence stat above 90. Additionally, you can visit the library and participate in debate contests to maintain your IQ level. At age 18, you will graduate with a high school diploma.

    Maintain your physical condition

    Just like in real life, staying in shape is essential when enlisting in the military. Then, right after he reaches high school, he joins a gym and starts eating healthy. Click on the Mind and Body option in the Activities tab to go to the gym regularly. Also, in the same menu, click on Diet and switch to something healthy like a Greek or Mediterranean diet instead of eating junk food. Remember, your fitness is not just a number in the game; It’s your ticket to the army.

    Earn a college degree (optional)

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    To become a high-level officer in BitLife, you must study beyond earning a high school diploma. So after graduating from high school, immediately enroll in a college with whatever degree you choose. I recommend studying something like politics, mathematics or law. Even here, use the Study harder option from the Activities tab to ensure good grades during the course.

    Remember, this is not required; You can still join the military without a college degree, but you’ll only get a primary job and it will take years to climb the ladder if you aspire to become a military man. Admiral or General.

    Join the Armed Forces

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    After finishing high school or college, you can join the Armed Forces. Go to the Jobs section and click on the Military option. Now, apply to any of the following options.

    • Army
    • Air Force
    • Navy
    • Marine infantry
    • coastguard

    Immediately, you will have two options: enlist in the Marine Corps or apply as an officer. Use the first option if you have a high school diploma, or choose the second option if you have a college degree. Either way, you will be selected if you follow the steps above.

    For more information on BitLife, check out the BitLife Deployment Guide: How to Deploy in BitLife or How to Leave the Army in BitLife in Pro Gaming Guides.

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