All enemies in A Dusty Trip and how to kill them


    In addition to searching for resources, many new players have difficulty killing enemies in A Dusty Trip. The main reason is that there are different types of enemies, and you need to implement individual strategies for each of them instead of spamming the default weapon button. So, here is a list of all the enemies in A Dusty Trip and how to kill them.

    How to kill enemies on a dusty journey

    Ready to face the challenges of A Dusty Trip? Here’s a preview of the enemies you’ll encounter and the most efficient methods to eliminate them.


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    Bandits are one of the dangerous enemies in A Dusty Trip. The main reason for this is that they are the only enemy type that has a gun and can shoot from any distance. So if you suddenly face them in-game, you should use your car or any nearby structure as cover and retaliate with weapons like M1911 or AK-47. Initially, shoot at their hand to make them drop their weapons and then aim for their head to kill them instantly.

    basic mutant

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    Basic Mutants are the most common enemy type in the game. Although they have a terrifying appearance, they have low HP and cannot deal much damage. Instead of wasting ammo, the best way to kill normal mutants is to run them over by enemies, and if you’re inside a closed space, simply use melee weapons like axes to take them down. I always aim for the head and suggest you do the same to take out the creatures quickly.

    Hobbyist Mutant

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    One of the most important types of mutants in A Dusty Trip is the Buff Mutant. This mutant is quite tall and pale, with blood coming out of the hand and mouth area. This monster takes a long time to kill, usually 20 to 35 bullets, using a weapon like an AK-47, and it deals a lot of damage if you are close to them. So, you need a friend to help you take them down by shooting their head or leg. But, if you’re alone, enter the nearest building, like a house, and when they enter, the hobby mutants will automatically get stuck in the hallway.

    Mutant Cowboy

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    The Cowboy Mutants are present at 25000M in Ghost Town. They take less damage from weapons and the best way to take down the annoying Cowboy Mutant is to use melee weapons like Samurai Swords or Axe. Simply make your way through them to take them down.

    Mutant speedster

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    Although the Sprinter Mutant looks similar to the normal Mutant, it can run much faster. In such a scenario, the best way to counter them is to kill them directly instead of trying to outrun them. So when they start running, shoot them in the head with pistols, AK-47 or even a melee weapon, and they will die immediately since they have very low HP compared to a normal mutant.


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    The Vampires are a unique mini-boss in A Dusty Trip found inside the church. They are powerful creatures that are always guarded by three or four mutants. First, he tries to defeat the mutants by throwing dynamite at them or shooting them with guns. Once all the bodyguards are dead, you should throw some garlic towards the vampire, and when he starts running away from you, he shoots at the vampire’s back to deal damage. He keeps repeating this cycle of throwing garlic and shooting in the back until the Vampire dies. You can also use this technique if you don’t want to fight him at all and want to escape in your car.


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    Like most games, zombies also try to bite and deal damage in A Dusty Trip. So instead of using melee weapons, try looking at his legs or forward from afar. They only have 100 HP and you can easily take out their entire health bar with 2-5 shots from an AK-47.

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