How to Fast Travel Wuthering Waves by Motorcycle


    Wuthering Waves features a huge open world, and while characters can use gliders and other tools to traverse the landscapes, there’s no faster way to get around than with a super cool motorcycle. Here’s how to indirectly get a motorcycle in Wuthering Waves and how you can use it to travel around the world.

    How to get a motorcycle mount in Wuthering Waves

    Wuthering Waves doesn’t have an official mount system, but the game has cool echoes that can do much more than help you in battle, such as traveling with a motorcycle. The motorcycle-riding Inferno Rider makes a rather explosive introduction to the port city of Guixu Exploration Quest called We promise, we deliver. By completing the mission, you will be able to absorb the echo of the Infernal Rider to use as a motorcycle support.

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    Alternatively, you can also farm the Infernal Rider’s Echo at any time by heading to its Tacet Field in the Sea of ​​Flames. However, the burning field will continually lower your HP, so I suggest completing the exploration mission first. Inferno Rider’s Echo’s drop rate is based on its data bank level.

    How to use a motorbike to fast travel in Wuthering Waves

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    To use the Inferno Rider, you must configure it as the first echo for any Resonator you want to ride a motorcycle with. If you want all three Resonators on your team to have the ability to ride the motorcycle, you must equip the Inferno Rider on all three. This Echo is pretty strong early in the game, so it’s a win-win!

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    Next, you must press and hold the Eco button (Q for PC) to transform into Inferno Rider in his motorcycle form. If you press without holding, they summon it without the vehicle.

    Release your control as soon as you summon the Inferno Rider and use the arrow keys to cross the map. The effect only lasts a few seconds before the cooldown begins, but you can easily switch between resonators to keep the drift going. With this little trick, you’ll never have to worry about the stamina bar again!

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