How to beat Phayze in BTD6


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    Tower defense titles are one of my favorite game genres, combining strategy and puzzles. Unlike many other similar games that get boring quickly, Bloons TD6 has a variety of game modes, maps, and boss fights to keep me glued to the screen. Phayze in BTD6 is one of the hardest balloons to beat, but only until you find the best strategy.

    How to destroy Phayze in Bloons TD6

    To kill the Phayze boss in BTD6, you need to invest in units that detect Camo Bloons. But since Phayze is immune to Camo’s removal abilities, it’s best to ignore them and invest in towers that deal additional damage to Camo’s balloons. I am a fan of Sniper monkeysince it has unlimited range and deals more damage through Night vision goggles.

    Preparations before Phayze’s arrival

    You will need a lot of money to upgrade the towers, so use waves before Phayze arrives to invest in Banana Farms. Focus on upgrades that automatically give you more bananas (Market and banana plantation). If possible, build monkey village near banana farms and upgrade to Monkeypolis.

    Don’t spend too much on towers; You can hold the ground with a Tack Shooter and a couple of snipers. Instead, build at least three Banana Farms and upgrade them as soon as possible. If required, upgrade tack pullbut don’t spend more.

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    How to defeat Phayze in BTD6

    You will need Sniper Monkeys to defeat Phaye in BTD6. Therefore, focus on upgrading Sniper Monkeys to Elite defenders. Combined with night vision goggles, they can significantly damage Phayze. Make sure to set camouflage priority for the Monkey Snipers so they don’t waste time on little Bloons. If you are fighting on a map with water, use mono sub with advanced Intel capability to attack everything on a map, including the Phayze boss.

    Don’t forget to secure the path against normal balloons using the usual combination of towers. I’m a big fan of Spike Factory as it destroys all types of Bloons. Also, don’t hesitate to sell units if you need money to upgrade the towers, especially in the case of Banana Farms. Phayze is very difficult to beat, just like Vortex, Dreadbloon or any other Bloon boss, so don’t give up if you fail a few times.

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