Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


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    Driving in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged is easy to learn but difficult to master. With so many different vehicles and track types, there’s room for different approaches and feats, and the simple mechanics have more depth than you might think. If you’re new to the game, this list of tips and tricks will improve your driving instantly.

    How to be faster in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2: Turbocharged

    Some of the following tips can save you a lot of time, while others will only give you a slight advantage. I’ve arranged them so that the higher up they are on the list, the more meaning they have. However, when the competition is tough, every little detail matters; In the end, the smallest margin can define the outcome of a race.

    find shortcuts

    The tracks in Hot Wheels Unleashed 2 are checkpoint-based, meaning you don’t have to respect the shape of the track as long as you reach all the checkpoints. It may be impossible to exit the road on tracks where there are walls on the sides, but some circuits have their layouts defined by traffic cones or moving objects. Forget about cornering correctly on these and go straight to the next checkpoint.

    There are also places where you can take a ramp or jump off the runway and land on another stretch ahead. Pay attention to these opportunities and if you can’t find any (see the next item on this list).

    Play online

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    Even if your only goal is to beat the campaign in single-player mode, you can learn a lot by playing online. Human players can be very creative in coming up with new (dirty) driving techniques, and you may be able to discover shortcuts You wouldn’t have noticed it on your own. For example, in my first online race I learned that you can use side push against an opponent when you are about to go through a checkpoint. If you push them successfully, they will miss said checkpoint and having to respawn or return.

    Save some momentum for key moments

    Continuing with the technique of pushing opponents, be careful when driving on a track with an open edge on one side, because other drivers may want to push you. Saving some of your momentum to move away from these moments or pushing through them first can be a good strategy. You should also have some momentum left over for the vertical loops, as you don’t want to lose momentum when you’re prone.

    Don’t waste your momentum

    Likewise, it is key to know when No Use your momentum. Try to memorize the track on your first race; This way you can anticipate which parts will come immediately after and use your momentum more effectively. If there is a speed boost platform right in front of you, you will want to avoid using your own, as it will they do not accumulate.

    If you use boost on the wrong parts of the track, you can miss a checkpoint or miss a jump. It is best saved for straight parts of the course or defensive moves.

    Straighten your jumps

    When there is a ramp or jump ahead, you should prioritize taking it straight. You can spin in the air and catch your car, but it’s always better if you aim for the landing before taking off. Also, be careful of other players trying to push you when you jump and push them first.

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    Test different vehicles

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    Monster trucks drive differently than sports coupes or motorcycles, and different vehicles perform better on some tracks than others. So test out as many vehicles as you can until you know their strengths and weaknesses and find which ones suit you best or which ones are best for each challenge.

    Don’t upgrade cars at first.

    It’s tempting to upgrade a car you really like, but upgrade packages can completely change the way your favorite car drives. Although spending on upgrades can make you faster, it can make driving more difficult or less enjoyable. Instead, it’s best to use your credits to purchase other vehicles and learn about their driving styles before you start investing in upgrades.

    Start drifting earlier

    When you take the corners, try the slow-in-fast-out approach and brake earlier than normal. This may result in an earlier skid and steeper steering angle, and the car may almost run its nose into the apex wall, but if you correct it, you’ll right the car sooner than others and be able to use momentum sooner. This will also allow you to overtake other cars on the inside.

    The opposite approach (drifting too late) can cause the car to hit the outside wall and lose a lot of momentum. Therefore, I would rather break up too early than too late.

    The race begins

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    If you accelerate correctly, you can fill your boost meter before the race begins. The game doesn’t specify how this works, but after some testing, I figured out the right time to press the accelerator: right when he The countdown number 3 is disappearing.. If you do it right, your car will explode. purple flames through the exhaust and will recharge the maximum boost meter. If you’re slightly out of time, you may still receive a medium boost (indicated by green flames), but if you miss the window completely, you won’t receive any boost at all.

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