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    Random spawn generations in Minecraft can be a waste of time just as much as rewarding. Since I never know which biome I will be spawning in, I’m gambling with my time every time I select a random spawn, which can drain the enjoyment. But seed hunting in Minecraft can be tiresome. To make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the best 1.20.1 Minecraft seeds popular right now.

    20 Best 1.20.1 Seeds for Minecraft

    20 – Desert Tower

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -2142629609327882890

    At the edge of a wonderful wind-swept savana lies a towering desert temple. This giant structure is one of the tallest I’ve ever seen spawn in a Minecraft world, making it absolutely perfect for trying out new build ideas. My friends and I had a blast with this one, using the temple to make a parkour challenge, but you can take this anywhere you want.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Desert Tower Location: 68, 122, -350
    Double skeleton spawner: 300, 8, 25
    Diamond Fossil: -8, 40
    Ravine: -56, 32, -38

    19 – Mushroom Island world

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -507996994923261

    This seed features a unique mushroom island stretching across a great chain of islands, making it one of the most expansive mushroom forests I’ve seen in Minecraft. If you’d like to go on a mushroom survival adventure, this one will be perfect for you. There is a great number of ocean monuments along the coastline and many great ravines you can explore, making this seed even more valuable.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Island World Location: -614, 69, -480
    Buried Treasure: 136, 8
    Small, Cold Ruin: 168, -168
    Ravine: -183, 25, -22

    18 – Secret house in the cave

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 5631811980639023136

    If you arrive at the set of coordinates I provided below, you will see just a regular cow pen. But a small crevice right beside it will lead you down a vast cavern, at the end of which lies a small lonely cave house next to an underground waterfall. You can expand it into an underground village or enjoy your vacation in your secret summer home that nobody knows about. Even better, if you head down and explore the cave system further, you will find an ancient city with an exposed stronghold, marking the beginning of your adventure.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Secret house location: -335, 69, 811
    Cow pen: -312, 92, 782
    Ravine: -34, 24, 67
    Buried Treasure: 136, 8

    17 – Bamboo badlands crater

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 2560990829508467737

    This seed will spawn you right at the edge of a colorful natural crater, with one half covered with the bamboo jungle biome and wooded badlands on the other. This nice mix is a rare find indeed and even has a secret water hole. If you jump down, you will find yourself in a magical and lush cave system. There are plenty of building opportunities both above the ground level and below.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Fossil: 25, 8
    Ravine: 20, 28, 73
    Mega Ravine: -147, 23, -104
    Likely Desert Well: -265, -34

    16 – Vast plane

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 1167279063118487735

    Since the Caves and Cliffs update, many players have wished for seeds with plenty of flat areas to build on. This seed will satisfy your engineering needs perfectly. You will spawn in the middle of flat grassy planes stretching out past the horizon, making you feel like you’re back in one of the earliest Minecraft iterations. There are just a few villages nearby, a few lakes, and a flowery forest.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Mineshaft: 56, -56
    Plains Village: -216, 168
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 72, 280
    Mineshaft: -280, 216

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    15 – Terrain-fused woodland mansion

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 5909665956595310493

    If you’re a fan of unusual and rare structure spawns, this seed features a strange woodland mansion fused with nearby rocky formations. A big chunk of rock floats above the mansion’s roof, and a waterfall flows down from it to a wide-open basement area. This mansion is perfect for your base of operations as you explore the rich surroundings, with a nearby lush jungle full of treasures. There’s even a jungle temple ripe for exploring.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Woodland mansion: at spawn
    Small, Cold Ruin: 344, 40
    Ravine: 528, 56, 205
    Buried Treasure: 328, 200

    14 – Strange Igloo basement

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -2820125245260571863

    This seed features an igloo with a rather unusual basement. If you visit the coordinates I provided below, you will discover an igloo in the middle of a village with a basement that leads down to a mining shaft. There is even a stronghold connected to it, making it the luckiest igloo placement ever.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Igloo: -1309, 66, 786
    Village: -1295, 50, 770
    Trail Ruins: 120, 168
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 312, 72

    13 – Giant exposed cave

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 5636887455259297314

    This unique seed will spawn you right at a cove, which is also an entrance to an enormous exposed cave. The size alone makes this seed a valuable addition to the list. But it’s also jam-packed with features, making it even more interesting. Right at the bottom, there’s an exposed ancient city with a mining shaft sitting on top of it. Plenty of open dungeons also make this seed a perfect candidate for your role-playing needs. There’s even another crevice right next to the giant entrance, leading you to a complex cave containing four different mineshafts.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Pillager Outpost: 40, 88
    Ravine: 76, 28, 79
    Ancient City: 152, -51, 72
    Mineshaft: 120, -8

    12 – Greatest spawn view

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 2808624715841946969

    If you’re a cozy player, this seed is perfect for you because it features one of the greatest landscapes I’ve seen in Minecraft. Even better, you will get it right at spawn. Just over the river, you can gaze upon a wonderful mountain range, with a woodland mansion situated right in the valley in the middle. If you make a journey to the mansion, you will discover it’s surrounded by even more valleys, incredible lush caves, and floating rock formations. There’s even a sunflower village situated on the scope of an enormous mountain leading up to the maximum height.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Valley mansion: 320, 135, 500
    Sunflower village: -416, 147, 1359
    Small, Cold Ruin: -168, 56
    Buried Treasure: 72, -56

    11 – Frog swamp

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 7130560489886662165

    This seed spawns you in a mangrove swamp populated by frogs. Lots and lots of frogs. If you make a base here, you probably won’t be able to sleep at night, so move over the edge of a sparse jungle to explore a host of other interesting features, including a village and a desert temple. There is even a ruined portal nearby, in case you need to go to the Nether to escape the annoying frog sounds. Not that it’s likely to help.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Village: 370, 80, -450
    Desert temple: 350, 70, -500
    Ruined portal: 380, 73, -500
    Treasure room: 340, 22, -550

    10 – Unique temple seed

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 7545658639534480773

    This is another unique temple seed, this time with astonishingly beautiful terrain. If you travel to the coordinates I provided below, you will visit a beautiful desert playground surrounded by thick jungle and towering boulders. This desert temple lies partially buried in sand, surrounded by thick mangrove foliage. Nearby lies a village and loads of interesting caverns ripe for exploring.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Temple: -372, 126, -300
    Ravine: 80, 26, -162
    Large, Warm Ruin: 40, -232
    Diamond Fossil: -296 Z: -152

    9 – Meadow Mountain Village

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 3338433209771319842

    If you visit the coordinates below, you will discover a beautiful mountainside village close to a meadow. If you’re looking for beautiful jagged mountains to greet you every in-game morning, this seed is perfect for you. The village features cattle beehives and perfect planes you can use to build your farms or experiment on. Underneath the village, you will find an ancient city and an open stronghold inside the same cave system.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Village: -285, 125, 550
    Stronghold: -212, 7, 580
    Ancient city: -192, -23 490
    Shipwreck: 600, 168

    8 – Temple survival

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 3255211245715177001

    This seed will spawn you right on top of a jungle temple, making it a perfect survival challenge. If you want to push your survival skills to the max, you can try surviving as long as you can without leaving the temple. If you decide to leave the temple and explore further, you will discover a stronghold outpost, village, and some eroded badlands in the vicinity.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Temple: at spawn
    Stronghold outpost: -1060, 80, 256
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 88, 24
    Ravine: -107, 21, -77

    7 – Shipwreck village

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 2109577375

    This seed will spawn you in a village with a huge shipwreck on top of one of the houses. Looking at this village from the top down, I was reminded of the Lego sets I played with as a kid, inspiring me to play around with buildings and make up my aquatic adventures. If you venture further inland, you will encounter a lonely outpost deep inside the snowy mountains and a huge snowy biome.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Shipwreck: at spawn
    Outpost: 406, 167, 684
    Plains Village: 88, 264
    Small, Cold Ruin: 152, 168

    6 – Best jungle mountain range

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -1357845153963959422

    This seed is perfect for you if you’re a fan of jungle biomes surrounded by mountainous ranges. Lush forests reach across the landscape with jagged mountain peaks sprawled as far as the eye can see. To make things a bit spicier, multiple jungle temples and lush caves packed with life are worth visiting.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Ravine: 139, 34, 56
    Ancient City: 88, -51, -216
    Mineshaft: 248, -184
    Ancient City: 168, -51, 120

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    5 – Bamboo coastline mansion

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -7213833535448338363

    The true gem of this seed requires a bit of travel, but it will be worth it, as your reward will be the most beautiful bamboo forest mansion I have ever seen. Lying in shallow waters surrounded by bamboo foliage, this structure makes a perfect home if you’re a fan of this biome. Moreover, there are multiple jungle temples nearby for you to explore. There is a lush open-topped cave nearby, which you can also scout out, and if you visit the coordinates I gave you below, there’s even a double-library dungeon hidden from the world.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Mansion: -1080, 93, 616
    Double-library dungeon: 541, -25, 1382
    Shipwreck: -955, 89, 787
    Mangrove area: -955, 79, 787

    4 – Parkour village

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 6332276367529012205

    If parkour is your thing, this seed spawns you right in the middle of a naturally-formed speedrunning course. To make things more interesting, a random village seems to have popped out right on top of it. Test your running skills solo or with friends using this seed and create a track of your own.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Stronghold: -790, 15, 289
    Buried Treasure: -760, 200
    Savanna Village: -808, 264
    Ravine: -805, 50, 342

    3 – Winter Wonderland

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -1438732585965522766

    You will start right by a frozen ice-spiked river with some flat wintery planes. Giant snowy mountains tower over ice-covered craters and valleys of this frozen wonderland. Set up a campfire, build a small wooden lodge, and enjoy the holiday festivities with this incredible seed.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Ravine: 55, 33, -52
    Igloo: 152, 24
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 200, 152
    Snowy Village: -360, 280

    2 – Towering desert mansion

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: 7092520341702684904

    If you’re looking for a warmer climate instead, this seed offers a towering desert mansion which, by a freak occurrence, spawned on top of a huge boulder, achieving almost a maximum height in Minecraft. A coral reef and a desert temple nearby surround it. If you make the mansion your home, you will have a nice outside view as the vast desert expands as far as you can see.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Towering desert mansion: 480, 109, 1662
    Buried Treasure: -376, -168
    Large, Warm Ruin with Cluster: : -536, -168
    Shipwreck: -120, 24

    1 – Best end spawn

    Screenshot by MyFullGames

    Seed: -761712510903049197

    This is a true end-game seed as its main rewards await at the very end of the End. As a prize for killing an ender dragon, you will gain access to the best end spawn I’ve seen in Minecraft. You will appear at the very top of the End ship, giving you the quickest access to Elytra. Simply travel to the coordinates of the portal room, defeat the dragon, and go through the portal. Once you’ve looted the End ship, you will have multiple End cities to start your looting run on.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Portal room: 1368, -24, -980
    Estimated Ruined Portal: 136, -248
    Ancient City: 24, -51, -248
    Plains Village: 312, 120

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