How to beat Countess Daraku in Fortnite


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    With the Fortnitemares High Stakes Revenge quest set, you’ll have to track down the NPC Countess Daraku and get revenge on Joni the Red by challenging her to a duel. Although Countess Daraku may not be as fierce as other bosses on the map, you’ll still want to play your cards right to come out on top. Here’s how you can find and successfully defeat her below.

    Where to find Countess Daraku in Fortnite

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    You’ll find Countess Daraku just to the east side of the Eclipsed Estate, in the iconic Eastern watchtower. She can usually be seen walking around the outside of the tower or occasionally on the top. You can detect it more easily by looking for the chat bubble Above his head.

    How to defeat Countess Daraku in a duel in Fortnite

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    Countess Daraku will not start out as a hostile character like other bosses scattered around the map. She will have the chat bubble symbol above her, allowing you to talk to her and purchase some weapons if you wish. This actually makes her much easier to defeat because you’ll have time to prepare before facing her in battle. I went through the entire tower, taking everything she had available there and even bought her a shield container and a better weapon for gold bars before challenging her.

    Once you are ready to face her, preferably with a full shield and some weapons at your disposal, talk to her and select the Daraku Counts Challenge option. Initiating a duel will throw you a safe distance away from her to start. I was able to take her down with about 4 or 5 good headshots with a shotgun. He doesn’t have the crazy shield that other bosses have, but he does have rapid-fire weapons, so it’s a good idea to have a full shield before starting the duel. The faster you can defeat her, the better because you can prevent other players from coming and hitting you from behind. Once you’ve defeated her, you’ll complete your mission!

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    How to talk to Countess Daraku after being defeated in Fortnite

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    If another player has beaten you to a duel and defeated her, don’t worry. Fortunately, they made it so that you can complete your mission even if you encounter these complications. Countess Daraku will continue to appear in the location as ghost, usually wandering around the area where she was defeated. You will be able to talk to her the same way as before and you won’t even have to fight her.

    You could even hide somewhere nearby and let another player take her down if you don’t feel like fighting her yourself. Either way, you can easily complete your mission and progress towards your Fortnitemares rewards.

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