Complete Vampire Survivors Patch Notes – Update 1.7.0


    Vampire Survivors is one of the best indie games I’ve played to date, and uses a simple formula to combine many complicated mechanics, creating perfect chaos in the process. Even better, poncle keeps the game alive and fresh, giving us unexpected and free content patches to tide us over during the periods between its amazing DLC ​​content. Here’s a list of what we can expect from the latest Vampire Survivors patch notes, so let’s dive in!

    Vampire Survivors 1.7.0 Patch Notes October 19

    V1.7 contains:

    • 6 new EXTRA achievements
    • 1 new bonus stage
    • 2 new relics to get a new PowerUp and transform an existing character
    • 1 new weapon with its evolution.
    • 1 new playable character
    • 1 new music track that you can preview below:

    Adjustments and fixes

    • Fixed weapon spacing in the Arcana list to accommodate new weapons.
    • Fixed Je-ne-viv World Eater logic causing slowdown.
    • Fixed characters purchased in the secrets menu.
    • Fixed revive animation not scaling correctly.
    • Fixed issue with Je-ne-viv blocking Il Molise.
    • Fixed exit button audio cutout.
    • Fixed bestiary enemies scaling up and down incorrectly.
    • Fixed resolution drop showing incorrect resolution.
    • Fixed the display of the Cosmic Egg in the Bestiary.
    • Fixed World Eater crashing with too many eggs.
    • Fixed Trinacria in the Bestiary.
    • Fixed issues with cutting/displaying Bestiary information.
    • Fixed incorrect futureless particles.
    • Fixed Hellfire projectile rotation on ricochet.
    • Fixed Goshadokuro losing his mind in the Bestiary.
    • Fixed Director struggling with inconsistencies vs. old engine.
    • Updated pickup logic to better match old engine behavior.
    • Minor optimization to the damage number display.
    • Removed incorrect screen flash in Gorgeous Moon.
    • Multiple flashes removed if Flashing VFX is disabled.

    Vampire Survivors 1.5.0 Patch Notes June 12

    V1.5 contains:

    • 6 new achievements (2 from DLC)
    • 1 new challenge stage
    • 3 new relics to get a new game mode, a new character transformation and a map
    • 1 new pickup that triggers a short special event.

    Quick Content Tutorial:

    • Reach level 80 in the Reverse Inlaid Library to unlock the Astral Staircase.
    • In Astral Stair, find Chaos Rosalia to unlock Yatta Cavallo’s transformation ability.
    • In Astral Stair, look for Trisection to unlock the Random Events option in Stage Selection
    • Find the map of Astral Stair, Mt.Moonspell (DLC) and Lake Foscari (DLC) in the respective stages.

    Full spoilers:

    Stage: Astral Staircase

    Has an intro cutscene (automatically skipped after all stage relics have been obtained).
    Initially, it looks like the usual endlessly repeating stages, but it’s actually a single giant map. It’s confusing to navigate until you discover that it actually has a very simple design.
    Players can use teleporters to move around different rooms.
    It has enemies that follow the rhythm of the music and turn red or blue. They can only be damaged by weapons of the same color they are currently “carrying.”
    It has special boss enemies, Cosmic Eggs, that can cast the same Infinite Runner ability that the player can normally obtain. It halves the player’s health on each cast, making it potentially dangerous even for characters with crazy bonuses.

    Relic: Map of the Astral Staircase

    Surprisingly, this is a map of the Astral Ladder.

    Relic: Trisection

    Unlocks a new game mode called “Randomize Minute Events.” In this mode, there are spinning wheels that can be seen in the lower right corner of the screen. They activate special events every minute; Whether they are good or bad depends on the character’s luck stat. Good luck!

    This option is always enabled by default in the new Astral Ladder stage (until you collect the Trisection relic), but with the relic you can turn the mode on or off for each stage.

    Please note: This mode is not compatible with Twitch mode on PC (as it does the same as Twitch mode, without chatting).

    Relic: Chaos Rosalia

    Allows the character Yatta Cavallo to transform upon reaching level 80. He gains some minor stat boosts and evolves his Cherry Bomb weapon into Yatta Daikarin.

    The weapon evolution still drops bombs, but also draws “constellations” around the character that explode, dealing luck-based damage.

    Pickup: GoldFinger

    A new pickup that triggers a special event in which the character becomes invincible and more powerful for a set period of time. During this time, a counter is displayed to show how many enemies are being defeated in the invincibility period.
    When invincibility ends, the player receives a score and a prize.

    Current thresholds and awards:

    Bronze: 0
    Silver: 500+ player level
    Gold: 1000 + Player Level x2
    Demon: 1500 + Player Level x3
    Cosmic: 2500 + Player Level x4

    Bronze: Healing + bouncing weapon if players have less than 6 items total.
    Silver: Coins + healing + Little Clover + random pickup between Gilded Clover, NFT or Rosario.
    Gold: coins + floor chicken + treasure chest (without evo)
    Demon: coins + treasure chest (with evos)
    Cosmic: coins + treasure chest (with evos) + random weapon

    Possible weapons of the Cosmic Fingers: Greater Jubilee, Box of Torrona or Sword of Victory,
    + Candybox if the player has less than 6 weapons.
    + “anima weapon” (???) if the player has less than 7 weapons and does not yet have an anima weapon

    After encountering Trisection, the GoldFinger has a very low chance of falling in most stages.

    New engine adjustments and fixes:
    – doubled projectile reserve limit
    – La Borra’s projectiles get stuck.
    – Music volume reset after changing it.

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