How to Unlock and Evolve Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors


    Vampire Survivors update 1.17 brings us many new features, including a new spear weapon, Glass Fandango. It is a powerful spear with its own evolution, which you will definitely want to try, whether you are a new player or a veteran. I must admit that I had some trouble unlocking it, as I do every time a new weapon comes out, but this guide will help you if you get stuck like me.

    Unlocking Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors

    To unlock Glass Fandango in Vampire Survivors, you must first unlock the new Whiteout stage by collecting 20 Orologions in any stage of the game. Once you have it unlocked, follow the steps below:

    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Once in Whiteout, pause the game to open the map.
    • Just above your character’s mark, you should see a spear icon not far away. This marker represents the exact location of the Glass Fandango on the map and where you should go.
    • Additionally, you must follow the rotating treasure arrow marker pointing up once you exit the map.
    Screenshot of pro game guides
    • Once you reach the point marked by the spear icon, you should see the entrance to a cave, like in the image above.
    • Proceed through the cave entrance to access the sublevel.
    • Once in the cave, simply approach the Glass Fandango and pick it up. Doing so will unlock the Glass Fandango for all your characters on the sheet.

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    How to evolve Glass Fandango into Celestial Voulge in Vampire Survivors

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    To evolve Glass Fandango to its advanced form, Celestial Voulge, in Vampire Survivors, you must upgrade Wings to its maximum level and then collect a treasure chest to activate the evolution. Glass Fandango’s evolution into Celestial Voulge allows it to deal critical damage and freeze enemies. Occasionally, he will turn Orologions into Starry Heavens to deal additional damage.

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