Hope in humanity restored as CoD community helps fan with one ear


    Call of Duty isn’t the most recognizable franchise for its endearing player base. From the MW2 lobbies back in 2009 to the proximity chat of the current generation, it’s no understatement to say it has its fair share of toxicity. But when you learn what happened when one fan called on their brothers and sisters for help, your faith in the CoD community may be restored.

    Reddit user ALE22222222 hopped onto the Call of Duty Warzone Reddit to seek assistance for their unique hearing problem. Our protagonist is sadly deaf in their right ear; forcing all sorts of issues with sound cues, spatial awareness, and general enjoyability of Warzone. So in their hour of need, dozens of CoD fans rallied behind their fellow soldiers to offer some sound advice.

    One hilarious comment (from the user chrisdavidson152) said, “I’ve 2 ears, good headset and perfect hearing and I can’t tell half the time where the audio is coming from so I really don’t think it’s that too much of to detractor.” I can vouch for their assessment of Warzone’s sound design, often finding myself scratching my head wondering why I didn’t hear the enemy combatant sprinting 5 feet behind me. Another commenter offered some excellent advice, “High alert as a perk in all of your loadouts highlights the direction they look at you from so you don’t have to rely on your hearing as much !” (from user international-Dish95)

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    Over 80 comments culminate in a swath of suggestions for our hearing-impaired soldiers and even some similarly effective individuals speaking about their struggles and what works for them whether that be perks or 3rd party software.

    In the end, it’s truly heart-warming to see so many people rally behind one person’s struggle. We sadly don’t have a neat bow to tie around this story as our protagonist has yet to comment on whether the help offered was useful. Regardless, I hope that our protagonist and others with similar struggles are given more attention by developers.

    That’s all we have on this heart-warming story, but if you’re looking for more Call of Duty content check out EU CoD players smash world record Warzone nuke in 7 minutes 45 seconds, MW3 Season 3’s Growhouse Map Has a Special Surprise, and more on MyFullGames!

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