Where to find Burnt Book in Fallout 76 (Map)


    One of the aspects that keeps players coming back for more in online RPG Fallout 76 is the constant flow of random daily and weekly challenges. If you have the Collect a Burnt Book daily challenge, read on for where to find them.

    How to complete the Collect a Burnt Book Daily Challenge in Fallout 76

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    If you log into Fallout 76 every day it won’t be long until the Collect a Burnt Book challenge pops up on your daily list. To complete this daily challenge you have to find and collect 10 Burnt Books. While there are hundreds of locations all over the Wastelands where you can find a few Burnt Books, one is much better than others because it has more than 100 books in one location.

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    The best place to find Burnt Books in Fallout 76

    It should come as no surprise that the best place to find burnt books in Fallout 76 looks like it was once a bookshop, or at the very least the home of a real bookworm. Better still, it is relatively easy to get to, as it is in the town of Summerville just a relatively short run south from your starting point in Shelter 76. It is on the northeast corner of Summersville Lake. (I’ve marked the exact location of the book house on the map above.)

    Be careful as you approach the house as it is usually populated by three Ghouls (level 20). One spawn under the deck (on the right side if you are looking at the house from the road), one in the kitchen on the first floor, and one upstairs. Once you’ve taken them down, you can search the place at your leisure and find tens of burnt books on the shelves in plain sight.

    There is a small chance the location will have been cleared out by another player. If this happens simply quit the game, wait until it says exiting world, and then log back in. Alternatively, you can opt to play on a private server (but this will cost you a monthly fee).

    As long as you’ve been to Summersville before, you can fast-travel there via the map for a small Cap charge. Note that while the book house is the prime spot in Summersville to find books, you’ll also find them in the other houses in the town (just in lower quantities).

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