Honkai Star Rail Best Clara Build – Cones of Light, Relics and More!


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    In a game like Honkai: Star Rail, with a ton of support characters, Clara stands out as one of the best damage dealers, even if her use is very situational. She can draw damage her way so that her beloved Mr. Svarog can strike back. That, combined with her naturally high Attack stat, gives every reason to build Clara immediately after pulling her.

    The best light cones for Clara on Honkai Star Rail

    Clara’s kit is super unique. If you’re building Clara for Simulated Universe or a newer stage, here are your best Light Cone options:

    • something irreplaceable (Preferred): Increases Clara’s ATK by 20-40%. When the user defeats an enemy or is hit, it immediately restores HP equal to % of its ATK and increases its DMG output by 20-40% until the end of its next turn. This is a cone of light that will allow you to build a pure ATK declared Clara.
    • About the fall of Aeon: Each time Clara attacks, her ATK is increased by 8% (base), up to four times. When she inflicts Weakness on enemies, her DMG output is further increased by at least 12% for two turns.
    • a secret vote: This is Arlan’s Cone of Light. Increases your DMG dealt by up to 40% with Overlay. The user also deals additional DMG to enemies with a higher HP percentage than the user. It’s only really useful in situations, but the DMG increase will serve your Clara well.

    Best Free Light Cone on Honkai Star Rail

    broken home is a three-star cone of light that allows the wielder to deal additional damage to enemies that are above half their health. You’ll find that this Light Cone makes life a lot easier, as the first attack Clara uses is usually the most important. If she can get a great first attack, it’s likely that she can finish off the rest of the enemies with counters with Svarog.

    The best relic sets for Clara on Honkai Star Rail

    He Street Boxing Champion Relic Set it was almost tailor-made for Clara. It’s a great way to capitalize on all the damage Clara is doing to the team, and we don’t recommend placing another relic on top of it.

    • two piece bonus: Increases Physical DMG by 10%.
    • four piece bonus: After Clara attacks or is hit, her ATK increases by 5% for the rest of the battle. This effect can stack up to five times, it’s very useful for your counters!

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    Which of Clara’s stats should you boost?

    In terms of stats, you’ll want to increase Clara’s attack or bulk. Clara takes a lot of hits, so increasing things like HP will keep her alive longer.

    • Feet: horsepower
    • Body: Critical rate or DMG
    • Sphere: ATK and physical damage
    • Rope: CRIT rate

    we also like SPD in its substatesjust so they don’t push her too far down the turn order.

    The best compositions of Clara’s team

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    By far the most accessible partner Clara could ask for is 7 of March. When Clara shields herself from her (and she’s the only one shielding herself from her), she draws even more enemies to attack her. If Clara is attacked with a shield, both she and March 7 continue to attack. This is a quick way to rack up chip damage on enemies while keeping your other teammates safe.

    luocha on the team also makes sure that his HP never goes critical due to his passive. tampons like Bronya and yukong they are also good picks to increase his damage output.

    Clara falls into the path of destruction on the Honkai Star Rail, which basically means that her job is to deal maximum damage. Her element is physical, which is a good thing since there’s a dearth of physical characters early in the game, especially considering how all Trailblazers eventually trade out the physical element for fire.

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