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    The Genshin Impact Secret Summer Paradise event is taking place from July 5th, 2023, to August 16, 2023, allowing you to explore Veluriyam Mirage for a limited time. I am very excited about this new area as it is full of chests and quests that can only be completed during the event period. One of those searches is Daiya’s three day reveriewhich is divided into three side quests, including Skycastle Saviors.

    How to complete Skycastle Saviors World Quest in Genshin Impact

    Skycastle Saviors is much easier compared to the other two side quests in Daiya’s Three-Day Reverie. But getting from one place to another can be a bit confusing, since you will have to use a lot of four-leaf stamps to travel.

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    To start the quest, head south of the Thinker’s Theatre; the exact location is circled in the image above. Once you’re there, use the four-leaf seals to travel to the location the quest navigator is pointing to, which will automatically trigger the dialogue with the speaker.

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    Once this is done, use the four bladed sigils and the wooden ladders to climb to the top of the cliff. You will find yourself in front of a house, where the dialogue will automatically activate again. Once this is done, head up the wooden ladder to find a clearing with a Preprint puzzle.

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    interact with the streaming projector to enter the Preprint world and start solving the puzzle. It works more like a minigame than a puzzle, so you won’t have any trouble completing it.

    your goal is collect all the particles of Anemo floating in the Preprint world. Once you have collected everything, a portal will appear. Enter the portal to head into the next room and do the same. In the third room, three Anemo particles will escape. Wait for the dialog at the bottom of the screen to complete, you will be automatically removed from the Preprint.

    Once you come back to reality, two Hilichurls and one Samachurl will appear. defeat the enemies to complete this segment.

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    Then slide down from the wooden platform to activate the dialogue with the speaker, completing World Quest. Don’t forget to loot the exquisite chest that will spawn in front of the house.

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