Genshin Impact Petrifying Gaze World Quests Guide


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    The Genshin Impact Secret Summer Paradise event is taking place from July 5th, 2023, to August 16, 2023, allowing you to explore Veluriyam Mirage for a limited time. I am very excited about this new area as it is full of chests and quests that can only be completed during the event period. One of those searches is Daiya’s three day reveriewhich branches into three side quests, including Petrifying Gaze.

    All Genshin Impact Petrifying Gaze Puzzle Solutions

    Owl Puzzle Solutions

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    Petrifying Gaze is a play that revolves around a small Hydro Eidolon on a journey to save his friends. After accepting the speaker mission, follow the hydro eidolon towards the cave, where it will suddenly turn to stone.

    You need push the box next to the owl to make it move. The box will block the owl’s view, allowing the Hydro Eidolon to continue forward. Keep following him and don’t forget to loot the common chest on the way.

    When the Hydro Eidolon turns to stone again, do the same as before. push the box to block the owl’s view, freeing our little friend. However, a few seconds after it starts moving, it will turn to stone once more. push the box to proceed.

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    Follow the Hydro Eidolon until it turns to stone. This time, you won’t find any boxes nearby, so turn your attention to the breakable rock next to the owl. Use Geo Damage or a Claymore user to break the rockrevealing a box. push the box to block the owl’s view, allowing the Hydro Eidolon to move again.

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    When the Hydro Eidolon turns to stone, interact with the food plate in front of the owl and feed it two berries. If you don’t have berries, you can collect them from the push in front of the owl. Once this is done, the Hydro Eidolon will continue to move.

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    The last puzzle is a bit difficult because there are two boxes and owls. You must follow these steps in the exact order:

    1. push inner box
    2. push outer box
    3. push inner box

    As soon as the Hydro Eidolon starts to move, the owls will change position and turn the poor thing back to stone. You need to move the boxes one more time in this exact order:

    1. push outer box
    2. push inner box
    3. push outer box
    4. push inner box

    Don’t forget to loot the exquisite chest which will appear soon after.

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    preprint puzzle solution

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    After riding the Choo-Choo Wagon and following the Hydro Eidolon, you’ll find a Preprint puzzle. Before starting, push the box three times so that it faces the owl, as shown in the image above. Once this is done, interact with the streaming projector to enter the Preprint world.

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    Your goal is to loot the Chest. without touching any of the red circles. To do it, wait for the red circles to disappear, then quickly scroll through them. They will disappear and respawn every few seconds, so time your moves to avoid getting caught. If you get caught by a red circle, you will be removed from the Preprint world and have to start over.

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    After looting the Chest, the Preprint will transform into the map above. You need to reach the Chest on the right this time, but the the red light will move, so be careful not to get hit. I recommend waiting until the spotlight floats up before running to the Chest.

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    After looting the Chest, the Preprint will change again. This time the focus will block the Chest, so you have to step into the limelight to trigger the next part of the story. After the dialogue, the Hydro Eidolon will turn to stone to block the owl’s gaze. interact with the streaming projector to re-enter the Preprint and continue.

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    Once you’ve entered, simply loot the chest to complete the objective. TO the door will appearUse it to get out of Preprint to complete the puzzle. Once you’re out, give the petrified Hydro Eidolon the antidote to complete the quest. Don’t forget to loot the exquisite chest reward, which will appear down the stairs to the left of the owls.

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