High and Dry Left DMZ Mission Guide


    Left High and Dry is the last story mission for the Tier 2 Drafted faction in the Call of Duty: Warzone DMZ. For this challenge, you must first create a master key and use it to unlock a locked space. Thereafter, you need to extract a document from there. Complete this quest to unlock the next faction level and get the animated Join Us emblem.

    Mission left high and dry DMZ

    • Redeem for a Master Key at Al Mazrah, Ashika Island, or Building 21.
    • Use a master key to unlock the sniper team’s hideout in Akhdar Village.
    • Extract the Dossier that is inside.

    How to exchange for a master key at Al Mazrah, Ashika Island or Building 21

    The Master Key can be crafted at any Buy Station in the DMZ maps using the Barter menu. It can be traded for specific items that make up its recipe, which is different for all maps:

    • Al Mazra: Skeleton Key (new, that is, the three uses remain)
    • Building 21: Skelton Key – Used (two uses left)
      • barter recipe: 3 encrypted hard drives
    • Ashika Island: Skeleton Key – Used (only one use left)
      • barter recipe: 1 Videocassette Recorder, 1 Vintage Wine, 1 Encrypted Hard Drive

    After analyzing the list, you will notice that exchanging for a master key is easier in building 21. However, this map is only available during the weekends. Another good trick to get this special key is to extract a GPU from Ashika Island and use it in Al Mazrah.

    This is a multi-step process for which you will need the safe backpack, which you can know how to get from the Dealmaker quest. Deploy on Ashika Island, get the Tsuki Castle Weapon Locker Keyand unlock the loot cache inside Tsuki Castle for a guaranteed GPU. Now return the GPU to Al Mazrah and exchange it for the master key.

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    Where to find the sniper team hideout and file in Akhdar Village

    Once you have the master key, head to the sniper team’s hideout in Akdar Village (see map). To access the room, you will need to head to the roofs of the buildings around the courtyard. You can climb the ladder on the side of the structure shown in the second image. Once at the top, look across and you’ll find a locked door in the next building.

    This is the sniper team hideout or skeleton room which you can unlock using the master key you just traded in a shop. Inside the room, you will find all kinds of valuables and equipment. The item required for the Left High and Dry quest, the Dossier Poster, will be placed on the table. Keep it in your backpack and extract it from the DMZ to complete the mission.

    Stay tuned to the pro gaming guides for more Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 content. In the meantime, head over to our Flight Risk DMZ Mission Guide article.


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