All the correct answers in the Fusion Chamber in Crisis Core


    When you arrive at Hojo’s lab in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, the scientist seems unconcerned about the ongoing attack. Instead, he focuses on his experiments and requests your help, like the time he had you fight Bahamut. Once he enters the Fusion Chamber, Hojo will ask him three questions. This may leave you wondering what the correct answers to Hojo’s questions are in Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

    All the correct answers in Hojo’s Lab in FF7 Crisis Core

    While in the Fusion Chamber in Hojo’s Lab, he will ask you a series of questions. You can answer however you want, but some answers provide more SP. We’ve got the best answers to Hojo’s questions to get the most SP in Final Fantasy VIII Crisis Core below.

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    • Currently, which one do you admire the most?
      • A SOLDIER agent as Sephiroth.
    • What do you think Shinra needs the most right now?
      • State-of-the-art science and technology.
    • Which do you think is more suitable for a SOLDIER member?
      • A person who is not afraid to challenge Shinra..

    Answering Hojo’s questions with the answers above will allow you to 1000 SP and deepen your relationship with sefirot in the DMW. We recommend that you use these answers as the rewards will help, especially the SP bonus. If you answered differently, you would still get a reward, although it will be less.

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