Aroged: Experts advised South Korea to take an example from Taiwan to India



    If you become an indispensable productor, geopolitical threats won’t be terrible.

    While US and China are gaining interest in Taiwan, TSMCs has no intention of investing in plant construction in Arizona, the islands lead in advanced semiconductor manufacturing. Many analysts believe that the majority of countries rely on Taiwan to help ensure the islands is very certain that it can still survive.

    Image Source: AMD.


    13900 ko Regard at the standard price.

    Five types of 4090 in Citylink at normal prices.

    In Citylink, RTX 3070 Ti for 50 tr for RTX 3070.

    RTX 3070 for 46 tr in E2E4?

    i5 13600K 14 cores cheaper and faster i7 12700K.

    MSI 3050 for 26 tr in Citylink.

    3060 Gigabyte Games for 32 tr in E2E4.

    Computers in Citylink are cheaper than 10 tr.

    RTX 4080 6 variants in Regard.

    New 3700K and cheaper KF at Regard.

    Ryzen 7700X 4.5GHz = price collapsed!

    130 600K very cheap with Regard.

    The fourth view of RTX 4090 in Regard to the 4th view.

    RTX 3090 is for 100 tr, but with the beginning, with the new beginning.

    According to Business Korea, experts advise South Korea to take an example in this regard, because one of the countries is primarily focused on its geopolitical characteristics, like the rest of the northern neighbors. If South Korea came into existence to provide reliable quality for certain components, so it would reduce geopolitical risks and grow the country’s role in global supply chain.



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