Where to find lesser demons in Fallout 76


    Fallout 76 is seeing great success after Bethesda released the Fallout TV show. With this new success, players are starting to dive deep into the game and its DLC, Atlantic City. While the DLC added an impressive amount of content, the enemy known as the Lesser Devil is a particularly notable addition. These enemies are smaller versions of the famous cryptid, The Jersey Devil. If you want to find these enemies to complete an Expedition or get the “Rip and Tear” achievement, this guide will help you.

    How to Get to Atlantic City

    To get to Atlantic City, players will need to get to the Whitespring Shelter and talk to the man at the desk in the Common Room. If you haven’t completed his quest line, you’ll need to complete the daily quests. “Code Blue”, “Mutual Aid” and “Recipe for Success” first. To start these missions, find Orlando in the Shelter and ask her if she needs help (she is wearing a white suit and may be wandering around the area or in the Administration Office).

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    Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to talk to Lennox on the roof, who will take you directly to Atlantic City. She will ask if she wants to go to the flooded city center, the casino district or the boardwalk. I found several minor demons in the flooded city center and a couple in the casino quarter, so either works. You can also find them during the fight with The Jersey Devil and sometimes during Expeditions, but it’s easier to just search for them.

    Where to find lesser demons

    As mentioned above, Lesser Devils can be found in two different areas (in addition to those with the Jersey Devil himself). These two areas are on the rooftop of Quentino’s Night Club in the Casino Quarter and in the Residential Plaza located in the Flooded City Center. Once you’ve killed all the Lesser Demons in either area, you’ll be able to travel back to Appalachia and then begin a new journey to Atlantic City. This will force the game to respawn, allowing you to kill as many as you need.

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    Where to find lesser demons in the casino district

    Once you land in Casino Quarter, you will see a building with bright lights and the word “Quentino’s” above it; This is Quentino’s nightclub. All you need to do is take the stairs to the right of the building and go up to the roof. From there, you’ll find two Lesser Demons sitting on top.

    Where to find lesser demons in the flooded city center

    You can also find them in the Residential Plaza in the Center of the Flooded City. This is the area that houses the Fontina d’Aosta building. For the most part, this area has quite a few Lesser Demons roaming around freely, meaning you can just walk around and run into them.

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