Best Minecraft Beach Seeds for Bedrock and Java


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    A good day at the beach can be just as good in-game as it is in real life, and Minecraft is one of the best games for finding idyllic beaches. But why walk thousands of blocks to find the perfect beach when you can start right next to one? To save you the way, we’ve cataloged the best Minecraft Beach Seeds for Bedrock and Java editions below.

    Best Minecraft Java Beach Seeds

    Island getaway

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    Seed: 8033498553725824176

    This seed spawns you on a beautiful beach island just a short distance from Plains Village by the sea! The trees on the island provide an easy source of wood and make the island perfect for a cozy in-game retreat. You can play a little slower and relax on the beach, taking short boat trips to town to trade and obtain additional resources.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Shipwreck: 216, 88
    Ruined Portal: 264, 56
    Plains People: 160, -176

    Shipwreck Island

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    Seed: -9142863513851137753

    This isolated island, which is only a few sand blocks wide, is an unforgiving place for any player to play. You face a difficult situation due to the lack of local trees, a resource shortage that could prove fatal. However, salvation is possible; A wreck rises gently above the surface of the water not far from the island. These debris provide you with your lifeline, which also provides you with the first wooden planks essential for survival.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Ocean Monument: 696, 200
    Shipwreck: 440, 280
    Ruin: 344, 120

    Dolphin Beach

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    Seed: -4828625412458267839

    Dolphin Beach is a sprawling beach that seems to go on forever with dolphins appearing all over the starting location. This is an amazing spawn for someone who wants to start swimming right away, or just an island dweller eager to expand his base near the coast. Not to mention, there are plenty of landmarks, on the water and inland, for you to discover.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Underwater ruin: -285, -571
    Combination of shipwreck and ruin: 389, 481
    Cave with mine shaft: 355, -135
    Ruined Portal: 64, 304

    Best Minecraft Desert Seeds (Java and Bedrock)

    mangrove coast

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    Seed: 6237570501287390526

    A mangrove biome that is up to its job of preventing coastal erosion! This is one of the most natural beach and mangrove biome combinations we’ve seen, and it also has a lot to discover. If ever there was evidence of a lost underwater civilization in Minecraft it is in this seed, as there are half a dozen underwater structures within a few hundred blocks of the spawn location. This is definitely a great seed for adventure or exploration.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Underwater ruins: -204, -545
    Underwater Ruins 2: -181, -834
    Ruined underwater portal and stranded shipwreck: -253, -1260
    Ruined Portal: -520, -1610
    Ocean Monument: -218, -207

    Sea of ​​fir trees

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    Seed: 9061064535691782356

    Despite being a seemingly landlocked sea, this beach is still teeming with fish, turtles, and the occasional dolphin. But the beaches aren’t the only natural wonders in this starting position, with open caverns, frozen biomes, and massive mountains looming nearby. Perhaps most incredible is the nearby coastal Woodland Mansion, which offers an incredible challenge early in the game. Plus, if you go into the ocean correctly, even more pleasant (or unpleasant) surprises await you!

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Ice Spikes and Frozen Shipwreck Biome: -102,657
    Lush open cave: 453, 408
    Forest Mansion: 466, -522
    Ocean Monument: 192, -783
    Ocean Monument 2: 235, -1,291
    Mushroom Fields Biome: 227, -1,013

    Best Minecraft Bedrock Beach Seeds

    Scattered beaches

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    Seed: 5307214970932174561

    This seed spawns you in a beach biome on the edge of an ancient birch forest. The beach extends far downwards, but there are also areas of sandy beach biomes scattered throughout the surrounding ocean. This seed becomes even more exciting when you realize there is buried treasure scattered across the beach!

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Buried treasure: 24, -40
    Buried Treasure 2: 136, -120
    Buried Treasure 3: 72, -184

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    beach ring

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    Seed: -6193658516319908119

    A sandy beach biome forms a ring around the small Plains island you spawn on! It’s a great space to dig for treasure and explore the nearby ocean. The beach itself is a great place to build a base, fish, or anything else you want. When you get tired of the beach, you can retreat to Plains Village in the distance to get more resources and a bed to rest on.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Buried treasure: 72, -120
    Buried Treasure 2: 200, -376
    Plains People: 264, -424

    Golden Coast

    Screenshot of pro game guides

    Seed: 5713173535512237233

    The Gold Coast is a vast desert that flows into a warm ocean with a biome of coral reefs and other underwater remains. It’s such a nice place that a Desert Temple and a Raiders Outpost also decided to settle here. But why is it called Costa Dorada? Well, the Badlands biome just a stone’s throw from your starting location means you’ll never be short of them.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    We stopped: -291, -118
    Desert Temple: 249, -134
    Village: 347, 115
    Raiders Outpost: 374, 295

    Tropical Cove

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    Seed: 5072285883221473786

    You wash up on a beach that contains a shipwreck and a dense jungle biome. This could be the perfect place to start a new life in Minecraft! Beyond the stranded-on-a-tropical-island vibes this location gives off, there are also plenty of biomes nearby that can provide you with all the materials you need to start your base. Plus, if you head out to sea, you’ll see incredible mountain ranges rising directly from the ocean.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Shipwreck: -283, 107
    Jungle Temple: -840, 325
    Mountain in the Middle of the Ocean: 557, -266
    Village: 1,218, -855

    Monstrous mangrove lagoon

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    Seed: -7608991650668401545

    A vast mangrove forest lies just a few blocks from your starting location, with a huge beach running through it. A series of islands make up most of the terrain in this starting area. Huge amounts of resources and forests can be found beyond these islands: the mangrove area opens into a huge lagoon before transitioning into a jungle biome and finally a desert biome.

    Key Locations and Coordinates
    Ruined Portal: -252, 316
    Ruined Village/Portal Combination: 47, 659
    Desert Temple: -741, -246
    Mushroom Fields Biome: -18, -633
    Ocean Monument: 136, -825

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