GUARDIOLA: Man City won against a top team very hard


    We have played a very high-end game against top clubs. He made it to the second round of the FA Cup. Glad you were in the game.

    I think we have incredible people and players. When you are thirsty to play, you don’t give the opponent time to think about something. They didn’t have the time. If that happens, its because was fine.

    As a coach, you understand that everything will fall if we don’t take the necessary steps. I understand this, and can show the video to the players and tell them you must do it.

    The FA Cup is a competition that I love. The national tournament is the strongest ever. I always remember watching the FA Cup final as a young person in Catalonia teasing me to appreciate that event. Everything wasn’t all that unusual, and it remained with me always.

    Since we won the FA Cup in 2019, it was one of my best memories of my time here in City. We want to win this tournament, too. Trust me, we’ll do our best to turn our dreams around.


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