According to the survey, Ubisoft Plus can be divided into levels of level


    A GOG poll recently revealed that Ubisoft Plus could be split into multiple tiers in the near future. So players can decide which tier they’ll have.

    The questionnaire has questions concerning subscription services, while GOG researching users, to help them find out what they’ve already subscribed to, what they’ve got subscribed to and how would users like the platform to work?

    Ubisoft Plus (Stylized as Ubisoft+) first started in 2018, but back then it was also called Uplay+. A standard operating system has been adopted, and in the past few years, Ubisoft has expanded to other platforms. Now it seems that a new service is coming to the service as a subscription level. In an article on Reddit, the answers said in the GOG poll could reveal new levels for Ubisoft Plus:

    Ubisoft Plus Gold is available now. Ubisoft Extra Deluxe is a Ubisoft version. Ubisoft Plus Ultimate.

    The idea isn’t entirely far-fetched, EA took their product a while back and introduced the brand new Origin Access Premier tier in Origin Access, which was more expensive, but gave subscribers far more benefits.

    It can be assumed that Ubisoft will go up a relatively simple path, and there’s an example of how that might work:

    UbisoftPlus Gold – Access to the old Ubisoft game catalog. Ubisoft Plus Ultimate: At first, use the old games catalog and all the new releases. Ubisoft: The full list of the most advanced games, free updates, new day one and full updates on the Ubisoft store.

    This is not confirmed by anything the only modest assumption is. They should be ignored as always, because it is not guaranteed they will implement.


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