NOLO reexamines VR Glass during CES 2023


    NOLO teamed up for its new VR Glass unit on CES 2023 this weekend. This unit is designed as a portable headset, which can be used with regular glasses without requiring additional storage. The unit is powered by an Android mobile phone, that works perfectly with the majority of Android phones. The development is currently being promoted to work with mobile operators like China Mobile. We got the company’s details on the device below.

    Noos and I.

    The new system, rather compact, set a new limit for mobile content consumption and gameplay and offers boundless visuals comparable to being in front of a 4K+ Display with a high refresh rate. With a minimum of 1.512 PPI and a wide array of views, visuals are very natural, with virtually zero screen effect and seemingly endless peripheral vision for a wide variety of content. Audio is very good, as well as speakers in the temples, sound-phase elimination for privacy, and excellent banaural sound. A feature of the VR GLASS – a game-changing feature: its intuitive touch controls on the headset’s temples and its 3-degree self-freedom (3DoF) finger-ring controls. These minimally invasive controllers are designed to keep users’ hands free. They enables users to interact with VR content and support hands tracking and interaction.

    The new NOLO X-Years is an extremely thin and lightweight headset. The new NOLO SONIC 2 enrolment is the patented self-relied Intellectual Property (GOL). It provides a wide variety of customization services from positioning algorithm, system, UI to appearance. It is a very popular headset. There are many very distinct differences in the design. With a sleek profile, an extremely streamlined headband, an exclusive sub-screen on the back of the headband which can display charging, time left, and more, the supermodels – it only does the most play with the computer. The NOLO SONIC 2 is thinner and lighter than most of the other VR headsets, but it’s also quite capable of offering a solid VR experience. There are the two largest LCD-screens that can be achieved by 3664 x 1920 times and a maximum frame rate of 120Hz. With a wide array of 92-degree, the screen also offers a wide array of pictures. With an integrated spatial audio system and triple-mic setup that reduces noise and evokes the experience of customers, the VR headsets NOLO SONIC 2 give you unparalleled level of immersion.”


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