GTA fans turns San Andreas into a Hitman game


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    Modding communities are pretty great at carrying games to successes that they’d never have expected, and one of the grandest examples of this can be found in the Grand Theft Auto communities.

    The advent of GTA RP is proof alone that all it takes is a little ingenuity and some technical know-how to extend the lifespan of a AAA title by years, and smaller mods still have the potential to keep players engaged for hundreds of hours, which is a truly remarkable feat in itself.

    Now, an entirely new game has been built in a classic title that’s putting devs to shame. If you ever wondered what GTA would be like if IO Interactive had the reins instead of Rockstar Games, wonder no more. A Hitman x GTA: San Andreas crossover can scratch that itch. 

    Developer turns GTA: San Andreas into Hitman

    One modder has done what we’d think was possible, but didn’t have the creativity to think of how – they’ve managed to turn GTA: San Andreas into a Hitman game. The new mod takes a look at the potential that Hitman features would have in GTA, and in a new video shared to the GTA subreddit, we’ve seen what could have been in store in the game.

    Modder JronSav reveals that they’ve been working on an effective sneak, assassination, and outfit change pulled straight from the arsenal of Agent 47, and it’s given fans a fascinating insight into an alternate take on San Andreas and CJ’s adventures. 

    The animations are pretty brilliant, and fans certainly seem to appreciate the work that has gone into it, too. It’s a unique style of gameplay that’s out of the ordinary for GTA – although we’re not sure we’d be willing to live in a world without the steps they took to make GTA: San Andreas so great.

    San Andreas gets a new mission

    Officer Geoffrey in San Andreas' new mission mod.

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    Moddb | Berony

    It’s not just new mechanics that are coming to the game via mods, as one creator has put their ability to work and created an all-new mission for San Andreas that allows players to step into the boots of Officer Jeffrey, an officer on the prowl for criminals in San Fierro.

    Even 19 years after San Andreas raced its way into our lives, there are so many modders willing to go out of their way to extend the life of the fifth mainline GTA entry and to bring players back to the heart of the series. With GTA 6 looks like it’s heading back to Vice City, we’ll take any chance to get back to San Andreas. 


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