All Starfield resources & how to get them


    Resources are essential for many gameplay features in Starfield. This full list of resources will show you all the resources you can obtain from planets in the game, including the most exotic ones.

    Some resources can be used to upgrade your gear through mods, while other resources are essential for building outposts. You’ll also need resources to do research and unlock more craftable items. There are lots of different resources to get in the game, so without further ado here’s all the resources in Starfield and how to get them.

    How to get resources in Starfield

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    Getting different resources in Starfield isn’t very difficult – if you know where to look. For example, each planet and moon in Starfield has its own resources (not including gas giants and ice giants). You can land on a planet and search for resources then use a cutter to mine them, but this can be quite slow.

    The Scanning skill is extremely helpful for finding inorganic resources. When you scan a planet with this skill you will be able to see uncommon resources on the surface so you know where to land. Higher tiers of the skill will reveal even rarer resources.

    You can set up outposts to mine minerals more efficiently, but this requires a lot of resources itself. This is the best way to get resources longtime, but also requires you to keep track of where you’ve built your outposts and what resources you’re getting from each planet.

    You can also buy resources from different stores. Jemison Mercantile near the Spaceport of New Atlantis has a regular stock of resources. There’s a mineral store to the left of The Rock in Akila City which also has lots of materials. Then there’s multiple shops on Neon, and various others throughout the Settled Systems

    One great store to go to is the one in New Homestead on Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. This store has a chair in it, and sitting there and waiting for 8 hours will refresh the resource supply at the store.

    All resources in Starfield

    Aluminium, a resource in Starfield.

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    Here’s a full list of all resources you can obtain from planets in Starfield. We’ve included their symbol as well as an example of a planet you can find the resource on. 

    Bear in mind that this is not a comprehensive list of all planets’ resources – there are hundreds of planets in Starfield, and you will be able to find stuff on planets or moons that aren’t listed here. Most of the planets listed below are planets you can access in the earlier stages of the game.

    Resource Symbol Planet
    Aldumite Ad Schrodinger II (Schrodinger)
    Alkanes HnCn Kreet (Narion)
    Aluminium Al Vectera (Narion)
    Antimony Sb Cruth (Narion)
    Argon Ar Vectera (Narion)
    Benzene CsHn Vectera (Narion)
    Beryllium Be Codos (Cheyenne)
    Caesium Cs Dalvik (Narion)
    Carboxylic Acids R-COC Codos (Cheyenne)
    Cobalt, a resource in Starfield.

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    Resource Symbol Planet
    Chlorine Cl Jemison (Alpha Centauri)
    Chlorosilanes SiH3Cl Jemison (Alpha Centauri)
    Cobalt Co Skink (Cheyenne)
    Copper Cu Volii Epsilon (Volii)
    Dysprosium Dy Venus (Sol)
    Europium Eu Gryphus (Narion)
    Fluorine F Volii Epsilon (Volii)
    Gold Au Cruth (Narion)
    Helium-3 He-3 Mercury (Sol)
    Ionic Liquids, a resource in Starfield.

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    Resource Symbol Planet
    Indicite Ie Katydid III (Katydid)
    Ionic Liquids IL Volii Epsilon (Volii)
    Iridium Ir Nesoi (Olympus)
    Iron Fe Kreet (Narion)
    Lead Pb Jemison (Alpha Centauri)
    Lithium Li Porrima III (Porrima)
    Mercury Hg Earth (Sol)
    Neodymium Nd Mercury (Sol)
    Neon Ne Kreet (Narion)
    Palladium, a resource in Starfield.

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    Resource Symbol Planet
    Nickel Ni Vectera (Narion)
    Palladium Pd Piazzi IV-c (Piazzi)
    Platinum Pt Bondar (Alpha Centauri)
    Plutonium Pu Grimsey (Narion)
    Rothicite Rc Carinae III-a (Carinae)
    Silver Ag Kreet (Narion)
    Tantalum Ta Nesoi (Olympus)
    Tetrafluorides xF4 Maheo II (Maheo)
    Titanium Ti Titan (Sol)
    Xenon, a resource in Starfield.

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    Resource Symbol Planet
    Tungsten W Bondar (Alpha Centauri)
    Uranium U Nesoi (Olympus)
    Vanadium V Polvo (Valo)
    Veryl Vr Verne I (Verne)
    Vytinium Vy Decaran VII-b (Decaran)
    Water H20 Vectera (Narion)
    Xenon Xe Bondar (Alpha Centauri)
    Ytterbium Yb Maheo II (Maheo)

    And that’s all the resources in Starfield that we know of. You should be able to get each resource you need – don’t forget to check shops for more resources, as well as mining on planets.

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