Deadly one-shot sniper deletes enemies in Warzone 2


    The Kar98k and the Swiss K31 in the original Warzone are often regarded as the golden era weapons of sniping in Call of Duty’s battle royale.

    Back then, it was common for every sniper to instantly kill foes with a well-placed headshot, but that’s no longer the case. Now, only very specific loadouts have the firepower to kill a foe with a single bullet, and for WhosImmortal, there’s one specific sniper that reigns above the rest.

    It may not have the highest pick rate, but its lethality at long range makes it perfect for securing easy kills if you’re a sharpshooter.

    Powerhouse MCPR-300 one-shots foes in Warzone 2


    • Barrel: 22″ OMX-456
    • Muzzle: Nilsound 90
    • Optic: FORGE TAC DELTA-4
    • Ammunition: .300 Mag Explosive
    • Magazine: 5 Round Mag

    When it comes to an insta-kill sniper loadout, this is the “best you can get” and rewards any player who can land consistent headshots.

    While the .300 Mag Exsplosive is by far the most important attachment, it does significantly reduce the gun’s bullet velocity.

    That’s why it’s so important to utilise the Nilsound 90 muzzle, which balances it out nicely. Despite this, you will have to account for bullet drop using this MCPR-300 setup, which will take some practice.

    Make sure to run Overkill alongside this loadout, which will give you access to a meta SMG or AR. We recommend the Lachmann Sub or the VEL-46 at the moment.

    How popular is the MCPR-300 in Warzone 2?

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    The MCPR-300 was once the most popular sniper in Warzone 2 but has since been eclipsed by the extremely popular Signal 50.

    With a solid 2% pick rate, the MCPR-300 certainly hasn’t been forgotten by the community, but it deserves a lot more attention.

    Having the ability to one-shot a foe is game-changing and can completely change the course of a skirmish, especially in Trios or Quads.

    So, if you’re tired of constant hitmarkers and want a taste of the original Warzone, the loadout above should suit you perfectly.


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