Gold War 2 Mission 99


    Instructions and screenshots for each level to find the gold.

    Where to find gold in each level.


    • Number of achievements – 11
    • Time 100% – 1h

    Finish each level by finding gold.

    Closed military base

    Go left from the start. Cross the gate. The sauna is near the building on the left.


    Head north from the start, go up, get the gold at the end of the level.

    Forest village

    At the top of the building. You can see it at the starting point to the north.

    empty city

    Go north, then east.

    The ruined village

    Cross the river and find the gold near the barn.

    Research Center

    Go to Area 1, turn left at the fork.

    Research facility

    military base

    Follow the road, get the gold at the end.

    the forest

    Industrial town

    Go right from the start, through town to the end. Then go right until you reach gold.

    Desert Storm


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