How to complete WALL-E’s Blooming and Blossoming quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley



    Wild Spring Eggs and Great Egg Fruits are popping up all over the Valley for the Easter event, and there are lots of fun treats you can create or cook with them. If you’re hoping to collect more than a few every hour, then you’ll want to head over to WALL-E and complete his daily and weekly special missions. You can complete his “Flower and Bloom” quest every day, and this is how you do it!

    How to complete Blooming and Blossoming in Disney Dreamlight Valley

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    You will need to head over to WALL-E, wherever he is in your valley, and talk to him to start this special quest. It will respawn every day for you to repeat, and collect some extra egg rewards so you don’t have to wait so long to collect what you need for your spring decoration and recipes. Every time you complete the quest, you will receive these rewards:

    • Friendship x200
    • fruit with egg x5
    • wild spring egg x5
    • Table Spring V-EGG x1

    This quest is pretty quick to complete and just like WALL-E’s hidden quest “WALL-E loves flowers”, you’ll need to collect some blooming buds around the Valley. There are two different flower baskets that WALL-E can order each day. It will be one thing or the other, so these are the materials you will need as appropriate:

    Nice flower basket Option 1

    • yellow daisies x2
    • blue falling penstemons x2
    • white and pink falling penstemon x1
    • Fiber x1

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    Pretty flower basket Option 2

    • red falling penstemons x2
    • Lion teeth x2
    • white and pink falling penstemon x1
    • Fiber x1

    To get fiber, you’ll just need to fish or gather kelp at fishing spots or Dazzle Beach. Flowers can grow in different Biomes around the Valley, so here you can find all the ones you’ll need:

    • thoughts: Square
    • daisies: peaceful meadow
    • Lion teeth: Square

    Once you have all the flowers and fiber, head to the nearest crafting station and it will be available to craft in the Functional Items section as a quest item. You can then hand it over to WALL-E to collect your rewards!

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